Friday, 24 December 2010

Foto Friday

There she be in all her glory!

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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Three things for Thursday

Tomorrow is a big day!

1. First and foremost tomorrow we have our level two ultrasound with Yale for Baby2. It is just a precaution to make sure this baby doesn't have dilated ventricles like Logan had. BUT we also will find out what this baby is!! Flashback: I remember telling Kevin about an article I read in a pregnancy magazine, when we so super excited to find out if Logan was a boy or a girl, that the intention of this appointment is to make sure everything is growing and ok with the baby. That there is a possibility of finding out that something was wrong. It certainly didn't stop our excitment back then and it was barely even a fleeting thought. Then we had our appointment and our world was kinda flipped upside down. Moral of the story: We are really excited to find out boy or girl but we are mostly anxious to hear "Your baby boy/girl looks great, everything is as it should be".

2. This doesn't mean Kevin & I haven't had our personal debates on what this baby is. Kevin has thought boy from the begining. I have thought girl from the begining. However, in the last 2 weeks I've switched back to thinking boy for two reasons: ONE: This pregnancy, so far, is exactly the same as with Logan. TWO: I've always had a sneaking suspicion that I would be blessed with a house full of boys. But to keep it fun and competitive I'll say girl, Kevin says boy. Final answer. ohh Logan & Dylan both say boy. I'm outnumbered. Is that a sign that I will always be outnumbered?

3. Next up - tomorrow we plan to packup and leave for our National Lampoons Christmas Vacation in WV. Originally we planned leave right after our ultrasound appointment - until Kevin saw an article that listed Thursday December 23rd one of the worst days for travel this year. Sooooo now we plan to leave in the wee hours of Christmas eve morning and drive through the night. There will be plenty of willing and helping hands at the 'rents house to entertain Logan while we sneak off for a nap, right?

Bonus for the trip: I see another 2, possibly 3 teeth making their debut :o

Logan doing his "Whats a girl? It's definitely a boy" pose.
Think happy thoughts for our tomorrow.

Monday, 20 December 2010

It's time... break out the long underwear!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Christmas Part 1

We decided to have a small family Christmas here before we went to the big family Christmas in WV next week - partly because it seemed just silly to pack up the few bulky presents we got Logan just so he could open them and then tote them back. Logan got 3 presents and was absolutely wiped out afterwards. And even though Kevin & I agreed that all our home improvements we've been doing were Christmas presents enough for each other - There ended up being a GPS under the tree for me & some clothing essentials under the tree for Kevin. Santa must have known what was needed :)
After Logans big nap we bundled up for a hike up Mount Misery in Pachuag State Park. I managed to carry both our babies up the mountain but didn't quite trust my footing coming down and passed one baby off to Kevin.
Baby2 & Mommy a couple days before 18weeks.

Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Foto Friday

Theme for the weekend: Look cool while staying warm

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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Hot Date!

Guess who is going out to dinner tonight - ALONE!

We are!!!!

Kevin's office is having a Christmas party/dinner at a restaurant in Mystic and our friends in Westerly have so awesomely agreed to watch Logan for us. This is our first time leaving Logan with a "babysitter" (someone other than family). And it's only our 2nd time out to eat without the baby in almost 11months :o I think we waited the right amount of time because I am not nervous, I have no apprehensions about leaving Logan - my only wish is that I could have a cocktail :/ eh.

3hrs of pretty clothes here we come :)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Logan was running low on the babyfood I made for him just before Thanksgiving and while he is now able to eat a few more "adult" foods I like to make sure he gets his veggies and/or I like to make sure we have some backup food for those nights Kevin & I eat non-baby friendly food.

And as if she knew Logan needed more food, Joanne (Kevin's mom) sent me a packet of babyfood recipe ideas just yesterday. SOooooo, inspired and low on babyfood we went to Wally-World to get supplies. 2hrs later we are stocked up once again :)

I'm happy I've stayed motivated to continue to make his food & in my head I feel like it will be a smoother transition to the real thing when the time comes. Anywhoo - I hope I can do the same for baby2 so I decided to add some of the recipes to the other blog that we have Beans, Wine & Chocolate so that when the time comes and I'm wondering what on earth did we feed Logan I'll have some ideas :) I've labeled them all Babyfood - in case anyone else is making food for their babes.

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Most mornings after I get Logan out of his crib at 7 we both plop on the couch - he gets his bottle & I get my coffee and I watch the news for 30mins before breakfast. Today I put on Clifford the Big Red Dog - and for the first time I thought he was actually watching it :o Neither Kevin or I want Logan to watch a ton of TV and would like to save it for occasions but I figure for the 30mins we watch TV in the morning - Clifford the Big Red Dog is probably better for him to watch than the news.

AND we think he's been trying to say doggy - and more than a couple times when Clifford or his friends popped onto the screen he said doggy :) He also laughed when Clifford fell into the water - I always knew he would have a good sense of humor :)

Monday, 13 December 2010

What the heck?!

Looks like the start of a Stephen King movie to me

This is what our yard looked like this afternoon. Thousands of blackbirds, thousands - doing what they do best and being ugly & loud. I choose not to believe the myth that black birds are a bad omen. Instead I'd rather think it means something wonderful like an early spring :)

Friday, 10 December 2010

Foto Friday

15 days till Christmas!

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Thursday, 9 December 2010


I dropped the baby :/

Our morning was going just as usual - Logan had just finished his bottle & I picked him up like I always do, sat him on my lap and patted his back for a burp. He was being the little squirm'er he is nowadays and so I stood him on my lap and we were laughing and playing. Thats when it happened.....Logan threw himself backwards & I just wasn't prepared. He flung himself all the way out of my arms landing the side of his head on the edge of my coffee mug and then landed on the coffee table. The cry started faster and harder than I've ever heard - he sucked his thumb sooo hard, he blew snot bubbles, he farted & he gasped for air cry. mrrrrr. I scooped him up & cuddle him while I jogged into the kitchen for an ice pack. Meanwhile - Dylan had come barrelling down the stairs so fast I think he skipped the last 4 stairs...he immediately started licking Logans face & didn't leave his side until we all got up from the floor.

The wound in the picture doesn't look too bad but it hurts my heart to know how it got there...which makes it look worse too.

My bump is in the form of a diagonal line above my right eye & if you can't see it then look at all my teeth :)

The silver lining of all of this is Dylan made me proud :) He's never had such a reaction to Logan...then again nothing like this has ever happened to Logan before. There was definitely something different in his cry & Dylan sensed it and came to the rescue.

He naps now & appears to have forgotten our little episode this morning. Time to tend to the coffee that was splatter all over the living room.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Santa Baby 2010

I might be biased but I think this is one of the best Santa pictures I've ever seen.

We went over the weekend and I can't stop looking at the picture. I love it. He was so happy on Santas lap...he grabbed at his beard, talked to him and kept turning and smiling. Santa told him it looked like he had been a good boy this year so he would bring him something that made a lot of noise and had bright lights ....exactly what was on his list!!!

Feeling the Christmas spirit.

Monday, 6 December 2010

16 weeks!

We went to the doctor this morning - got to hear the heartbeat...nice to know everything in there is still alive & kickin with a strong heartbeat :) We kinda thought we would have an ultrasound and then maybe have a sneak peak at whether this is a little boy baby or a little girl baby - but no such luck :/ December 23rd is the date - a nice little Christmas present :)

I'm still on board with thinking this baby is a girl. We even have a girl name picked out :o Kevin thinks it's another boy. Again, we'll both be happy with either but I seriously might be a little deflated if it's a boy...only cause I keep having dreams it's a girl, the name came to us & it's perfect....everything is lining up. On the other hand - a brother for Logan would be awesome & I would finally be able to get those bunkbeds I've always wanted :p

What else?! For all the haters out there anxiously awaiting my blow up into a fat elephant stage - I have gained weight ...just about 5lbs. Everything else is normal business as usual just trying to concentrate on being a good Mommy & Wife, which makes the days & weeks go by fast :)

Yesterday I asked Kevin which he thought was more weird, that in 5 months

a.) we will have a new baby in the house
b.) Logan will be over a year old

We both answered B.

Lots to look forward to in the new year :)

Big Eater

I swear Logans appetite is growing by the day. Just last night he ate a small bowl of spaghetti, 4oz of veggies (butternut squash & peas) and an entire applesauce container :o AND I think he would have kept eating but Mommy said that dinner was all done.
His daily food intake consists of 3 6oz bottles (7am, 11:30ish, 3:30ish), one 4oz bottle before bed along with a breakfast of oatmeal mixed with fruit and a piece of toast with either jelly or cream cheese spread on it. Lunch is usually baby yogurt or some cottage cheese, ritz crackers (his fav) and maybe a taste of what I'm eating. At dinner we've been trying to let him have a small amount of whatever we have but most of the time we'll still heat up some mushed up veggies for him.

Lots-o-food for the growing baby.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Foto Friday

A peaceful start to the weekend.

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

10 months

In all the busy'ness of the holidays I almost forgot that this big little boy hit the 10 month mile marker. And he's ringing in the new month with the beginings of 4 new chompers (top, front)!!

Week Recap

A quick post of my favorite pics from our Thanksgiving week:

WVA for a quick squeeze from Grandma & Grandpa:
Being the little man that he is and lounging in the recliner with the 'mote

Woodbridge, VA to get some Grandma Jo love:
Getting a quick sewing lesson from Gma Jo - cause he's not gonna get that from Mommy!

Richmond, VA to cram 4 years of catching up with the Mintons in one day:
At the Childrens Museum in Richmond

Woodbridge, VA for Turkey & all the fixins with Grandma Jo & Family:
Logan & Daddy getting a heads start on Thanksgiving

Blacksburg, VA to watch the Hokie whoop some Wahoo butt:
It was riiiiiidiculously cold but the Hokies won :)

*Highlights* (sarcasm)

Logan caught a cold on day one of our trip. He also decided to grow 4 teeth :o Those two factors led to him sleeping through the night only 3 times. Kevin caught a cold towards the end of trip. And the cherry ontop: We were in the car driving for over 30hrs - I won't even venture a guess as to how many of those 30+hrs were filled with Logan crying. eee gads. Needless to say we are hoping for a toothless, healthy, traffic & tear free trip back down for Christmas in less than a month.

Home again home again jiggity jog.

You'd be crazy to think I only took these pictures. Almost 200 were taken, lots of those you can see in our Picasa photo album

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Turkey Break

We made it!

We packed our 110lb rottweiler our 9 month old baby and enough luggage for all of us for 10 days and we hit the road yesterday. The trip took us 9 hrs 2 of which were filled Logans tears - but we are here....

First stop: Grandma & Grandpas
Next up: Grandma Jo's
Quick trip to Richmond Tuesday & Wednesday
Turkey Thursday with Family
A drive down to the 'Burg on Friday for some Hokie game day on Saturday
Back to CT on Sunday :/

No internet for the next week. Catch ya on the flip side!

Gobble, gobble.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Foto Friday

Just monkey'ing around this morning

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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The face

Finalllllly I caught this face on camera!!! It's my absolute favorite and he does it all the time but by the time I get the camera to my face its gone. Still haven't figured out what this face means - despite what it looks like, it's not a mad face. I think it's more his deep in concentration face....whatever it is, I looovve it.


Logan is making progress! He is a little rolly polly on the ground and has his own way which resembles nothing of any form of crawling but is more a leisurely roll around - it will take him upwards of 30mins to get from one spot to where he wants to be (3 feet away). Also, there have been 3 times that he has, intentionally, gone from sitting to belly but he tends to get stuck in this position:


We have officially hit our max amount of free photo storage in Picasa - GASP :0

I have upgraded our account but it may take up to 24hrs for the extra storage to be available. That means no posting photos for 24hrs ....rats!

Birthday Party

We are leaving soon to drive down to VA to visit family for Thanksgiving & Kevins birthday is on Monday so I wanted a chance to have a little birthday party before things got crazy. So last night we had homemade carrot cake cupcakes & a taco buffet -sounds like a party to me :) Logan & Dylan got Daddy a new pair of sneakers and I re-organized and cleaned his man closet.

Happy Birthday!

Monday, 15 November 2010


Some girlfriends & I had a weekend in the big apple! It's possible that it was just what I needed to snap out of the emotional rollercoaster I've been on the past couple weeks. We left at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning & took the train into the city. We then proceeded to walk, shop, eat & chat till the sun went down. And even though it was less than a 48 hr. mini vacation it was the longest I'd been away from Logan....I probably spent the majority of the time showing off the pictures I had of him in my phone and talking about him but it was nice to share them with others & laugh. Good times.
Kevin played Mr. Mom and would send me text pics of their weekend. I know they both enjoyed their time together but I'm pretty sure they both missed mom :) I know I missed them....ever wonder where Logan gets his deer in headlights look?

Back to the daily grind.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Fish N' Chips

Many women get strange food urges during pregnancy. Erin would like to tell you she's not one of them, but random things sound good at random times and the urge doesn't go away until she's had her fill. It's usually cereal, but a few weeks ago it was FISH AND CHIPS, a British favorite. Our friends told us about the Portuguese Holy Ghost Society Fish Fry in Stonington Borough, so we checked it out tonight. Good stuff and urge satisfied!!! Since conceiving Logan during our year in the UK we've given him a British middle name and now he's had FISH AND CHIPS!!! And a side of mushy peas to boot. It's only fair to share : )

Foto Friday

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Thursday, 11 November 2010

The numbers

Logans 9 month digits:

Height: 28inches
Weight: 17lbs 10oz

AND HE DIDN'T CRY WHEN HE GOT HIS FLU SHOT :) such a tough little baby.

Logan & this little lady were the exact same at 9 months :o

We did express all our concerns with the doctor and he agreed that Logans motor skills weren't quite up to par but the fact that he was so verbal and interactive he said it was nothing we should be concerned with yet. Just to keep playing with him and with time he'll come around. He said some babies just aren't OK Logan, you can be not driven for the first few years of your life but then you better step it up if you're going to be the first man to establish life on a new planet while unearthing the real fountain of youth, and becoming rich & famous so you can set your parents up in a floating Mars house where we can live forever.
Trying on my spacesuit....

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I'm not sure what you would call yesterday but I'm pretty sure I can describe it best as a hormonal tornado. Google started it.

You'll remember about a month ago I was worried that Logan still wasn't sitting up by himself. Well - here we are a month after that and he is now a great little sitter and a new worry has popped up. go figure. He is soooo not mobile and google is the devil. I came across a ton of "What should my 9 month old be able to do" articles & while there was a good deal of articles saying that babies develop differently and some never even crawl the ones that stuck with me were the ones saying "if your baby isn't attempting to move by 9 months there is something wrong" So yesterday I practiced tough love. When that wasn't successful, I cried.

It snowballed from there.

Logan didn't nap well, Dylan got under my skin. And things that don't really upset me had there go at me too. Kevin got several emails but nothing he said was really helping - I was too far gone at that point. So I sat across the room from Logan while he played & I cried. Logan did his best to get a smile out of me...he kept flashing me the biggest smiles and talking to me - all that did was make me cry harder. What the heck is wrong with me...look at this face

We all needed fresh air so after lunch we took a walk in silence - I think Dylan knew better than to stop and smell the roses on this walk...we were all business, walk fast...burn some steam and let the cool air dry up the tears.

It got better from there.

I slept well & we are having a much better day today :) Logan has his 9 month appt. this afternoon so I plan to speak my worries to the doc. I don't expect he'll say that there is anything at all wrong with Logan but it'll be a weight off our shoulders to speak our troubles out loud to someone who hopefully knows what he's talking about.

Dear Hormones,
WTF. Don't do that again. Or at the very least give us a warning.

Monday, 8 November 2010

12 weeks!

First trimester - DONZO!!! I can only hope the rest of the pregnancy goes by like that. If I didn't know it I would never suspect I was pregnant. There were just a handful of days that I've felt really tired, twice that I've felt faint (one of them being just this morning), and only a couple of times that my emotions have made the tears flow for reasons that I know don't warrant tears.

I've had the same food aversions that I had when pregnant with Logan. Naturally, it's the healthy stuff that hasn't sounded good - chicken, veggies, seafood. I sense thats coming to an end - we had chicken and broccoli last night...I just made it a point to eat all the broccoli fast and first. Chocolate, Graham crackers, pb&j sandwiches, mac&cheese, pizza and bbq things are all foods that are on my mind.

My hair is thick & luscious. lol. Wait a second, it always is ;) But it is that much more thick. Awesome. Thursday I have an appointment to get a much needed hair-do re-do. I've got an itch for something different.....
I'd say the biggest difference between this and last pregnancy is I've been ridiciously COLD all the time. Kevin is walking around in a t-shirt while I have a long sleeve, my thickest sweater, jeans and my sleeping bag slippers on and I still have goosebumps. It's really quite strange. I can feel kinda warm to the touch but I'll have goosebumps everywhere. I must be creating a little incubator for the baby and it's just zapping all my warmth.

Everyone will be happy to know that we will be finding out the gender of the wee one when the time comes.

A box & 2hrs

We bought our new bathroom vanity & sink last weekend for our bathroom upstairs and since then have had a gigantic box sitting in the entry way for a week. Thank goodness I didn't smash it up for the trash man like I originally wanted to.
Here's the box in all it's glory before:

So after Logan went to bed last night Kevin & I got to work. And...this is what became of the box after 2hrs of hardwork & some imagination:



It's highly probable that Kevin & I had more fun making it than Logan will ever have playing in it..... It's a treehouse if you couldn't tell :)

Friday, 5 November 2010

Foto Friday

Have a big belly weekend :)

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Good Morning Thursday

It's rainy & it's change the damn sheet Thursday - double bummer. But the silver lining is it's GAME DAY (VT vs. GT) and Daddy promised to make his wings for it :)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

May 23, 2011

1st ultrasound was this morning - we found out we are 11 weeks 1 day preggers, first trimester almost over :) wahoooo! Haven't gained any weight & I can't really see a bump on my belly yet but I'm so very happy that there is a healthy little baby kicking & waving in my belly. May 23, 2011 is the due date and our next appointment is December 6th.

Sunday, 31 October 2010


Step 1 : Carve the pumpkins

Step 2: Light the pumpkins

Step 3: Get in costume!
If you couldn't guess we all dressed as DIY'ers (and yes, that is the current state of our upstairs bathroom)
Logans not going trick or treating this year cause all the candy he would get would go into Mommys belly ...maybe next year.
Happy Halloween!!

9 months!

October 31, 2010: Baby is 9 months old!

January 31, 2010: Rewind to 9 months ago, baby is born :)

April 2009: Rewind time another 9 months, livin la vida loca in Barcelona.

July 2008: Rewind time yet another 9 months: Merely an engaged to be married couple, if I was thinking babies I sure as heck wasn't going to scare Kevin off with my thoughts.

I could keep going but I think you get the jest of it: Things get better with time :)