Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Through the eyes of Reagan

Unedited, this is Reagan with my camera

Can't wait for her to ask Santa for a camera for Christmas :)

Monday, 29 September 2014


We camped this weekend.  But it wasn't just an ordinary camping trip.... we participated in our first motorcycle run (I don't even know if thats what its called?!) Our friends (& neighbors) are big into motorcycles - riding them, fixing them, belonging to them....  They invited us.

It motivated us to buy a new tent & it was only an hour away.

So we went.

We were definitely the odd balls out - but fit in all the same.

It was a really fun experience.  Good times & good company which is all that any event ever has to be for me :)  And bonus - the tent didn't leak.  Double bonus - it didn't rain ;)

Pics from our 2 day, 1 night adventure

And then my favorites:

The Davies children sans the baby :)

The Hawk family :) I think I opted for black & white to better hide how incredibly dirty we all were

Kevin may or may not be purchasing moonshine :o

And then maybe my absolute favorite - Reagan, the morning after...lol.  

Thanks Davies :)

Friday, 26 September 2014

Foto Friday

The picture is from a few days ago but the words are from today....

We are going camping this weekend & the last time we went camping Dylan was with us.  His travel water bowl is still in the box of camping things.  Reagan saw it, held it up and said 
"Maybe when Dylan gets back from Heaven he can come camping with us"
I couldn't even reply - I didn't reply.

On a side note our daughter clearly forgets what a REAL cool morning feels like.  This picture is from the first morning it was 64 when we woke up.  She ran back up to her room and came back down like this.  

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

First days of Autumn

The weather has been awesome & so we are back to being outside 99.98% of the time.  My new little people, my kiddos and I are all in a good groove


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Ho Ho Ho

We totally planned this to the the BIG gift for Christmas from us.....but when you see a good deal you grab it.  And so we did.  50 buckaroos for this likenew John Deere.  And something this big and this fun would have been way too hard to contain...so

Merry Christmas kiddos :)  

& a happy new year.

Soccer star in the making

Hot. Chaotic. Unorganized & Fun - just a few words that come to mind reflecting on Logans first soccer game.  Pretty sure you can see what I mean with the pictures below:


Friday, 19 September 2014

Foto Friday

Got a crazy amount of rain the last 2 days - which makes for some awesome puddle stomping!!


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Some September Randoms

  • We signed Logan up for a TOPS soccer league.  A team with a wide range of ages, all with special needs, all games are Saturday at 2pm.  His first game is this Saturday :o 
  • I just agreed to watch one more kiddo 2 days a week.  He is a Reagan sized little boy - I will be watching him Mondays & Wednesdays 8:30-11:30.
  • Kevin & I signed up for a kickball league.  All our games are on Thursdays.  We had our first game last week - we lost, but it was fun & I think that's half of what this league is about.

  • I don't know if you noticed but I stopped attempting to potty train Logan.  But I'm thinking about starting again....
  • Reagan had her 3 year well check the other day (better late than never).  She was super brave and did everything the doctor asked her to do.  In the past year she grew 3 inches and 5 lbs :o  She is 31 pounds & 38 inches.
  • In Texas it's a teenyweenysmidge cooler in September than it is in August.  But despite the still hot temps the feel of fall is in the air.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Foto Friday

Bowling night in the Hawk house.


Thursday, 11 September 2014

We made it all summer

Alllll summer long without the kiddos being sick.  School started 2 weeks ago & BAM, the chiclets are sick.  Logan had what I thought was allergies all week & then yesterday it morphed into something else.  High fever & nasty cough.  And today, Reagan fell victim.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Things the babies say: Logan

"It's dark in the garage.  You turn the light on Mommy please"  - Logan

Geezey peezey Logan - it is dark in the garage & I would love to turn the light on for you thank you for asking so nicely.

Little people of the world... Look up to this boy, he absolutely knows what he is talking about.

Monday, 8 September 2014

It's FOOTBALL season!

Hence the annual Hawk's in their VT clothes picture

2 games in & 2 wins down.

Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for hosting the 1st annual OSU vs. VT game day slumber party & being such gracious losers and still feeding us breakfast the morning after your team lost ;)

Goooooo HOKIES!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Foto Friday

They had the entire splash-pad to themselves & they played in the one mud puddle the ENTIRE time 


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Ever since I started working

I've seen a lot more babies around the house....

"shhhh Mom, can you be a little more quiet - the baby is sleeping" - Reagan

"Reagan why don't you lay out everything you want to take to therapy today" - Me

Seen at naptime
I walk into her closed closet door and say "Reagan are you napping" she replies  "No, but my baby is - can you shut the door" 

"Mom! Baby said she wants to go to Kroger" - Reagan

Seen just before dinner time

Walking to the park today.

First week is done & it went well :)  Excited to be contributing financially again & it seems like a good fit so - YAY!   Reagan loves the baby AND she loves the little girl.  Logan is still figuring everyone out and vice versa but he enjoys the fact that I'm playing on the floor with all the kids a LOT more :)

One day at a time

We had our genetic consuler appointment a couple weeks ago.  It was informative & so I share :)

Logan has two gene mutations.  One is more severe than the other - or at least we are led to believe that.  In a long story short kindof way here is what the expert had to say:

1. DYNC1H1 gene - the most significant mutation in Logan - he happens to have a variation of a mutation that has never been documented before.  Therefore we don't know what the exact repercussions are because of this mutation.  What we do know is that most all of the mutations of this gene involve moderate to severe intellectual disability & muscle weakness.  The doctor reiterated that we (Kevin & I)DID NOT pass this gene to Logan.  It is an act of God and as she put it ...  this particular gene mutation is what is causing Logan to be the Logan he is today.  He has a high likelihood of passing this gene on to his future kids.

2. GRIA3 gene -  This was the "variation" that was told to us was of "unknown significance" which is true but it's significance is only unknown because there are, again, no other documented gene variations like it - therefore we do not know what significance it is having on Logan.  Unlike the first gene mutation this gene mutation came from me.  It is an X chromosome mutation.  Reprocussions of a mutation in this particular gene are only present in males.  Females are XX and males are XY.  There is a chance Reagan also has this mutation but because she is a female her dominate X takes over.  Logan has only one chance at an X and he got a bad one :/ The documentations of this gene mutation are also linked to intellectual disability & autistic like qualities.  Logan has a high likelihood of passing this gene on to his future kids.

Just like the last doctor this doctor at one point started talking about the care for Logan in his adulthood and how Kevin & I and Reagan would have extra responsibilities...and once again Kevin & I had this flash of our future - with Logan.  I can't even being to put into words what we are thinking about that.  It's scary, it's sad - it's not the outlook I (anyone) ever has for the children.  You have kids so they can experience a life like the life you had - the milestones, the experiences .... 

one day at a time.

It was recommended that my parents get tested for the 2nd gene mutation as well.  It's possible that the mutation started with me - but it's also possible that I got this gene from one of them & the more information the better :)