Friday, 29 April 2011

Foto Friday

Hanging out with Daddy after his soccer game tonight.
Gotta pull your socks up when the sun goes down.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


We're on day 4 of Logans glasses being a complete nightmare. He takes them off all the time. For example, this morning I put him in his highchair with some cheerios on his tray while I get his oatmeal ready. I am maybe 20 feet away from him. In the 3 mins it takes me to make his oatmeal I had to go put his glasses back on him because he took them off. 3 times in less than 3 mins. To avoid a 4th time I pull his highchair to the counter while I finish making his breakfast. I dip into the fridge to grab the milk and shut the door to find he's nearly taken them all the way off once again. Is it possible to completely lose it before 9am? I took his tray away, took his glasses and pushed him in the high chair so he was facing the wall and went into the living room for a minute because if I looked at him I was going to cry.

It's been exactly like this for 4 days. When we're not right in his face entertaining him he takes his glasses off. Before I can buckle my seatbelt in the car he has them off.

I'm not sure what else to do - we've been stern & I've been borderline mean about him keeping his glasses on, because he knows he shouldn't take them off. I know they don't bother him because he'll wear them just fine for hours if we're constantly playing with him.


This morning I fashioned a rubber band to try to help keep them on or at least make it a little more difficult to get them off. Can't say it's helping.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Eating - Big Boy Style

Logan used the spoon correctly for the first time over the weekend! Granted the process of spoon in, spoon out & in the mouth goes much better when he's eating something delicious like yogurt but at least we know he has it in him.

The end of the video shows off his two words he knows (yes, I know, awhile back he was working on a handful of new words but sometime between January & now they have all disappeared and now EVERYTHING is "eat" or "bite" ...good news is he's in correct context 3 times a day!)

bon appetit!

36 weeks!

New this week:
  • I'm 9 months pregs!!!! A mere 4 weeks left :o
  • We did our hospital tour
  • I still have an innie & haven't gotten a line down the middle of my belly yet
  • The bump stuck out like a sore thumb in yesterdays sunshine and therefore got a wee sunburn. rut row.
  • Hit the 20lb weight gain mark & rising
  • For the first time ever I told Kevin I was going to go get a 2nd helping of ice cream and to my surprise he didn't try to stop me!
Springtime is here and baby is near - this is the good stuff we've been waiting for :)

Sunday, 24 April 2011


Easter turned out gorgeous & we eventually shed the long sleeves and pants for some warm weather clothes & flops'll see ;)
Mommy made an Easter tunnel with the big box from Daddy's new grill and thanks to the Grandparents, Logan (and Reagan!) had a few gifts to enjoy as well.

Happy Easter Peeps!


The warm weather finally hit CT! (at least for today). We ditched our Easter egg outfits and opted for flops and tanks. Daddy dressed Logan.....

These pictures will forever crack me up:Watch out springtime, Logan's here.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Foto Friday

Mama was a bakin fool yesterday & baby, well, both babies helped ;)

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Crazy or Exciting?

99% of you might opt with crazy on this one but I'm with the 1% that find it exciting. Every morning after breakfast I unload the dishwasher and let Logan roam around in the kitchen. Most of the time he goes straight for Dylans water bowl and bangs it for the entire time - but every morning I leave some cupboards open hoping he'll get curious and peek inside. This morning was his morning! Granted he didn't open the cupboard by himself but he climbed in by himself :)
Crazy Exciting!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


...setting in about 20 secs after the decision to eat a handful of gravel.

Monday, 18 April 2011

35 weeks!

New this week:
  • We mailed in our hospital registration forms and Reagan's birth certificate form :o
  • The list of who to call should we go into labor early is typed up
  • 2 more weeks until this little lady is considered full term!

Sunday, 17 April 2011


Sometimes you gotta wonder whats going through their heads when you catch them all outside just starring at the yard.....

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Party Animal

44 degrees, rain & wind didn't stop this cat from feelin the island breeze at his first Luau

Friday, 15 April 2011

Foto Friday

Sittin in the sunshine, having some milk waitin for Daddy to get home :)


Thursday, 14 April 2011

swing sharin & stroller ridin

with his best gal pal, Madelyn :)

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Things with the glasses are going well - yesterday was a constant battle to try to keep him from pulling them off but today he has only managed to get them off twice. There are still a bunch of times we catch him right before he's about to yank them off and we tell him that they stay on & move his hands away and then we get a face something like this:
and that's a pretty sad face :/

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Handsome like Daddy.

Birth to Three Evaluation

Your child Logan Hawk has been found eligible to receive Birth to Three Services as a result of the Eligibility Evaluation conducted on 4/12/11.

If your child is eligible, the developmental areas which are significantly delayed include:
  • Motor Skills (fine & gross)
  • Adaptive Skills
  • Communication Skills

The developmental areas which are mildly delayed include:
  • Personal-Social & Cognitive Skills

Your service coordinator will be contacting you on 5/3/11 8am to schedule an Individualized Family Service Plan and answer any questions you may have.

Thank You
Lady #1 Signature
Lady #2 Signature

And that's Tuesday for ya. It was a 2hr evaluation...45mins of paperwork and background talk then playtime. We showed off Logans best skills & answered questions and spoke our concerns in front of an Early Intervention Specialist and a Speech Therapist. Logan was pooped come 10am when it was all said and done and we were told he was eligible.

Still not 100% sure what to expect from his eligibility. From what we've gathered he will receive Physical & Occupational Therapy at a to be determined frequency from at least 2 different specialist who will come to our house and work with him with us helping him to improve the areas where he is delayed and educating us on how to better help him.

34 weeks!

Not sure when it happened but I missed a week of my pregnancy. I thought last week I was 32 weeks pregs but turns out I was really 33 weeks and therefore this week I'm 34 weeks :o

Had my check up last week - still pregnant :) She took my blood pressure twice cause she was shocked that it was as good as it was 50/90. Other vitals are good - they'll test my blood platelets again at my next appointment because they are still lower than they should be but are stable. Weight gain is settling down and as of now I've gain a little less than 20lbs.

Lots of unnecessary stressors knocking on the door of life which keeps that dark cloud hovering close by. My eyes have started to twitch which is incredibly annoying especially at night when I've got baby in my belly kicking and both eyes twitching. I must look like I belong in the nut house.

Still feeling comfortable and Kevin gives me a hard time for doing some of the things I do while pregnant but I also kick up my feet at the end of the day and breathe. I figure the busier I stay the busier my mind stays and then that dark cloud seems to stay away :)

All and all I'm still in disbelief at just how close we are to welcoming baby Reagan.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Race results are in!

Little pre-race aquarium fun:

Getting pumped up for the big race!!
On the starting line with Dad :o
Logan moved maybe 5inches off the start line - he and the 3 other babies in his heat got smoked
But apparently he exerted a lot of energy:

Not a winner but a champion nonetheless.

Friday, 8 April 2011

House Proud

Today marks our 1 year anniversary of being homeowners :) It's been a long/short year & we've worked really hard to get our house to where it is today. We started with a blank slate and we're slowly putting our stamp on our house. There will be a million tears shed from me when we leave this house just knowing how much of our blood (yes there has been blood shed), sweat (real shirt soaking sweat), and tears (you try making over every room with a baby and being pregnant) we've put into our 1st house. We've made a ton of sacrifices in order to try to afford to do and buy what we want for our house. It sounds ludicrous but I skip right over the clothing aisles, mosey right past the make up and hair product aisles and go straight to hardware and house things. We are at Home Depot just about every weekend, sometimes multiple times...the paint lady knows us & adores Logan. We order in food or go out to eat maybe once a month and I've started getting good at selling items on Craigslist ;) We're gettin it done.

When we moved in I originally took pictures to help show our friends and family that lived far away our new digs and I'm happy I did cause this past week I've gone back and tried to take pictures from the same angles to show you the changes we've made.

Below are the 2010 vs. 2011 house pics. And then for those who care - this link: House 2011 will take you to an online album with more detailed pictures of our house today, exactly one year since the day we bought it.


Guest Room/Office

View of the Foyer from the Kitchen

Living Room

Downstairs Bathroom

View of Kitchen from the Foyer


Master Bedroom & Closet
Upstairs Bathroom

Logan's Room

Reagan's Room

Happy Home Day!

Bathroom Renovation - DONE!

I can't even begin to explain how happy we are to have this project done. It's been a long time coming but we (and by we I mean mainly Kevin) have been working on it while the baby naps & when the baby goes down for bed at night since October. We had a major snag up with the heating vent pipe - got several quotes from professionals to move it but then Kevin being the engineer that he is figured a way to do it himself, saving us hundreds/thousands of dollars. Kevin did 98% of all the work himself. He had a friend come one afternoon to help install the pocket door and I did all the mudding, sanding and painting and a few other odds and ends but otherwise it was Kevin that figured out the plumbing, the electric, the tiling the everything. The future goal will be to install a caddy corner shower stall in the corner where the brown wicker basket is ...time and money stopped us from doing that right now, but one day... until then, enjoy our journey :

Enter our new Water Closet:

Before (top or left pics) & After (bottom or right pics)

Click here to see all the pictures!