Tuesday, 30 March 2010

March showers bring ... ???

Historic rain here in CT yesterday & today. So gross out.

Stayin in and stayin dry today.

Our baby does not nap during the day & at times seems almost hyper alert. This is frustrating for Mom & Dad cause it ends up leading to an over-tired, cranky baby. We've tried everything to help him sleep. Last resort: mom giving up coffee and caffeine. I'm not addicted to coffee but after getting up with Logan several times throughout the night coffee had become my new best friend. They (they being google) say breastfeeding moms can still enjoy coffee in moderation without the effects being seen in their babies. Then they left a list of symptoms - all of which Logan has - saying that some babies have a high sensitvity to caffeine & if thats the case to try eliminating caffeine from their diet.
Day one of no coffee: Heres to hoping it helps

Saturday, 27 March 2010


Baby has his first cold :/ Its not too bad but his nose is clogged up & he has the occasional cough - coming from such a tiny body it sounds pretty pitiful - mrrrr. HOWEVER! We have found a new joy - the blue booger sucker contraption! We have seized several passageway blocking boogers from his nostrils.

He has his 2 month pediatrician appointment next Wednesday - so if it's still lingering we'll bring it to the docs attention but for now it's just a little more TLC for our little love.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Bathtime Blowout x 2

Cute, right?
I suppose I should have known somethin was coming - can't have that cute of a smile crawl across your face without being up to something. Just after I snapped this picture on my cell phone of Logan taking a bath with me - he had a major blowout. And then, as I was absorbing the initial shock of the poo swimming around me. He had another. I almost gagged. Kevin was at class so it was up to us to figure out clean up. We stood and showered - not easy.
I thought it was a natural human instinct to withold poo while in the bathtub. Guess not.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Favorite Things

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Taco Tuesdays...

newest member!!
Logans first time in the high chair - getting to be such a big boy :)

Monday, 22 March 2010

Sick Day

It's gray outside & inside today. Kevin has a cold & stayed home from work today.
When he told me he wasn't going to go in to work today I couldn't help but smile ... regardless if we're lumps on the couch today it's still one more day of the weekend for us.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Backyard Picnic'ing

Some gorgeous weather the past couple days - too bad snow is in the forecast for next week?! Soakin it up while we can


I think Dylan knows Kevin comes home today

Thursday, 18 March 2010


Who is this little man and what have you done with my baby?!

You notice the small things like little smiles and strength in his neck but it's not until you make noise and while on his tummy he looks up at you and smiles that you realize - oh boy, this is going to fly.

Don't grow up too fast - please.

Better Together

Yesterday morning Kevin left for a recruiting trip down at Virginia Tech. Logan & I spent the day sending picture texts updating him with our adventures. And last night was the first night I've spent without him since we were in England back in September. Only this time we have a baby. I have to admit I was a little nervous/scared. I checked to make sure the door was locked like 3 times. And instead of Logan sleeping in his crib I moved him in our room to sleep in the pack n play so I could have some company. Neither of us slept very well. Only one more night to conquer then Kevin comes home Friday afternoon. I don't envy single parents - babies were meant to have two people looking after them.
To his disappointment, Dylan anxiously awaited Kevins return last night - every car that went by he got up and looked out the window. If he would have come back to the bedroom and checked on me I would have let him on the bed - but I think he waited all night for Kevin to get home. Then this morning after I let him outside he came barrelling in and proceeded to run around the house looking everywhere for Kevin. Poor pup.

We're all missing you. Come home.

Little hiccup

Just when we think we might have Logans crys figured out they get worse :/ Our wee one is experiencing pretty bad gas & some acid reflux. That combined with some minor problems breastfeeding led to a trip to the Pediatrican yesterday morning. We got a prescription to help with the reflux, recommendations for over the counter gas medicine and advice to get through this cranky baby period. It helped to hear why he is spitting up & what his grunts mean but it doesn't make it any easier to deal with the spurts of crying/screaming. He was weighed again today - up to 10lbs 14oz! Growin like a weed!!

Happy St. Pattys! This was the extent of our day - both in our jammers at 6pm :)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Rockin & Rollin

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Goes so fast

Is it over already?!
We were all a bit sleepy this morning - always takes a couple days after visitors to get back in the groove of life. Thinkin its an all day in our jammers kind of day.

It was kinda surreal to have Andrea, Tim & Olivia here hanging out with our little family. Then the Grandparents stopping in and playing with the babies. Kinda feels like we have hit a milestone. It wasn't so long ago that our Grandparents were coming to our house to play with us kids.
It was nice to watch others interact and hold Logan & it was so much fun to watch Olivia walkin around our house with all her expressions. I watched more in aww and bewilderment that the baby I held not so long ago is a now a little lady that holds her baby dolls and has a mini personality all her own. Uggh, makes me sad that she seems to be growning up so fast and we seem to be missing big chunks of it.

Our evenings mainly consisted of lots of food, some drink, baby dolls, tummy time, books & baths. Finally a good excuse for my ideal kind of night! We did manage to show off our new house and go out to dinner and lunch AND Logan had his first babysitters!!! Grandma & Grandpa watched Logan for a solid 4hrs while I took Andrea, Tim & Olivia to the airport and went to the doctors. I called twice to check up :)

Logan was smilin this morning - think he was reflecting on his fun times with his family.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Just a taste

Having fun with our babies :)

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Visitors this weekend!!! Andrea, Tim & Olivia fly in today :) Mom & Tom drive in tomorrow! We're ready and waiting....

Last time we saw this little lady she was ground level mobile but now I hear shes a little terror on two legs. Can't wait to chase her around.
Hurry up and get here already...

Dog Years

Happy Birthday Mr. Batoot!!

5 years old today - which makes him in dog years the old man of the house. We let him get up on the bed this morning with us & I mixed some turkey in his breakfast. This afternoon he gets to open his gifts (yes we bought & wrapped him gifts). Two big stuffed animals from goodwill to rip apart and new water & food bowls :)

Happy Birthday pupppy!

Friday, 5 March 2010

little big man:
Weighing in at 10.1 lbs (HOLY COW!) Mr. Logan Beckett Hawk passed his 2nd MRI appointment with flying colors :) His head circumference is following a normal curve around the 50th percentile and his brain ventricles are still dilated but remain the same size they were back at our 20week ultrasound. Kevin & I at this point are pretty confident that Logan's brain is just on a different variation of normal than most.
have milk will travel:
This morning was my 1st time breastfeeding in public! MRI waiting room at Yale. I feel empowered. Happy to report start to finish I managed not to flash anyone. Jackpot. I'm a mobile milk mommy :)
bad boy:
Our other baby though went into Logans room and got into the trash can with all the dirty diapers (NASTY!!) we caught him red handed this morning when we returned unexpectedly 5mins after leaving because we forgot to pack stroller. Perhaps a little bit of jealousy that baby gets to go everywhere with us. I added more shame to him by taking his picture while he was told to help Dad clean up the mess.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Pictureless Snapshot

Our life that surrounds baby Logan

We're still on track to close on our new house March 30th - notsofar away anymore...sometimes I can't believe we'll be home owners this month. We've been wanting this for so long. We have big dreams and a long list of things to do once we're in! So ready.

Kevin has been working the most normal work schedule I think he has ever worked & is able to be home most days between 3:30-4:00 at which point he becomes Mr. Mom. And regardless if I've had a stressful, cry filled day or not, the minute I pass Logan off is the minute I want to hold him again. But Kevin is both Dylan and Logans outlet for fun - somehow Kevin manages to throw the ball for Dylan all while entertaining Logan. A feat I have yet to figure out. Two days of the week Kevin goes to class 45mins away to finish up his masters. Come June he will graduate :) It takes all of his energy to power through those two days - before it was just having to sit through 2 three hour classes right after work now it means foregoing his Mr. Mom role as well, which I know he misses. Needless to say he'll be happy come June when school is donzo! Sometimes I think my days are busy but then I see Kevins schedule.

The jist of my days can be seen through the pictures I post on the blog. I'm busy just a different kind of busy. I feed, change and have carpet picnics with Logan. And if we're lucky and the weather is nice we go out for walks. It sounds boring and mundane but it's anything but that- it's one of the most difficult jobs I've ever had. They say you burn a lot of calories breastfeeding but I think more calories are burned trying to calm a crying baby or running around the house trying to clean everything for the one hour that the baby is napping. Amazing the mess a newborn leaves in his wake. Some days I feel like all my energy has been sucked right out of me - literally. I try to be supermom & it's a tough pill to swallow on the days I don't get everything I wanted to done. Just need to learn to drop the supermom complex and soak up more of this itty-bitty baby time :)

It's definitely been an adjustment for all of us but I already feel like we're slipping into a routine. We both have tough days - but it's amazing how a hot shower seems to wash off more than just spit-up. Bills may be tight and there may be some days when we look at each other and wonder how we're going to afford a new baby and a new house on one income at the same time but I'm extremely grateful for being able to stay home and couldn't imagine it any other way- pretty sure we're on the same page with that.

Love our little family & lovin our life.


Caught a couple of what I think are the beginings of a smile and laugh. Then again they could just be gas smirks...but I'd like to think I made him smile this morning :)

never know when a baby will do something uber cute - good thing the camera has been living on my face these days

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Vitamin D

Took our babies out for a dose of sunshine this morning.

bring on the nice weather...

Turtle power