Thursday, 23 March 2017

Because every picture tells a story

And the story for this picture is:

Here we are 7 years into parenting and the evenings, the teeny tiny little window of time between 5:30 & 7:30 is still my least favorite.  Logan and Reagan get off the bus at 4 and I have timed Lucy's naps so that is when she usually wakes up from her nap.  Annnnd Momma goes from quiet cleaned up house to BAM! Crazytown.  

Fast forward to 5:30. By now the after school snack has disappeared in Logans growing body and he is HANGRY & on reapeat "is it dinnertime?" So I start making dinner. Reagan is asking if she can help & Lucy is emptying the kids cupboard and totally underfoot.  

When Kevin walks in the door he usually saves the day.  He snatches up Lucy and most of the time the other two follow him upstairs.  I can finish making dinner in peace.

We have made it to dinner.  Which is chowed down & full of constant reminders about manners.

From 6:15 - 7:30 time moves so slowly.  That was when this picture was taken, just after dinner.  Our kids have an entire house to play in including a huge playroom with lots of toys - but this is where they want to be. ALWAYS.  They are always right with us.  Some days I care and it drives me a bit nutso that they are never more than an arms distance away.  But I would much rather them to be close than far.  Cause you know the second they are away from me I'm thinking about going to go check on them.

I know one day after school will be so busy and hectic with sports and homework and friends that I'll look up at the clock and wonder where all the time went.  And wish we had the luxury of sitting with a drink after dinner while our kiddos dance around us and crawl ontop of us :)

Doing our best to soak up the moment.

Monday, 13 March 2017

A doozie

We got whacked really hard with giant dose of germs.  I haven't seen Logan as sick as he was in a really long time.  It was about 5mins after I took these pictures of him that I took him to the urgent care.  Turns out he had the Flu.  He rocked a high fever for a full week.  Yes, that means he missed an entire week of school.  He went to school today & is still a little out of it - low energy and has somewhat of a cold but he is 90 times better than he was this time last week!

Then mix in a few really bad nights from this lady.  One which resulted in a black eye.  Ugh. Oy.  Yes....compliments of me.  It was late? Early? I don't remember, but I do know she should have been sleeping instead, she was screaming. So I took her to the basement so she wouldn't wake anyone else - she was only content if I held her and walked with her.  It was one of my many trips of going up the basement steps that I tripped & fell. She came with me & ended up slamming her face into the wooden steps. Poor baby :( Thankfully a week later it's almost all gone. 

And then last Friday Miss Reagan was sick :/  Her bug was a quick one (thank goodness) so we managed to salvage some of the weekend.  Moma was ready to get off the couch & out of the house!!!

Lets hope that this is the grand finale of winter....fitting for a possible March snowstorm we may get tomorrow.  Bring on Spring and fresh air & sunshine.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Birthdays #7 & #35

Somehow it's March already & somehow I never posted a thing about Logan and my birthdays??!! A quick recap so that it's documented for life or until the internet goes out of style & then I'm screwed and all my babies childhood memories will be gone forever.  I really need to do something to preserve all this - forever.

Back to the birthdays!

Logan is now 7 and what shocks me more than the fact that I have a 7 year old boy is the fact that in 3 short years he will be double digits.

Lucky for Logan, Grandma & Grandpa were in town for another one of his birthdays.  We determined that aside from his 2nd birthday they have been able to celebrate all his birthdays with him :)  That's pretty awesome considering we are talking about a now 7 year old boy & 3 different states!! We kept with tradition and he & Daddy went to Monster Jam which was conveniently over his birthday weekend again??!  This year Daddy got him the pit pass so he got to see all the trucks and drivers up close and personal.  Don't judge this picture too hard - this is Logans Monster Jam look.  Dead serious & overwhelmed with joy.

He returned to a house full Grandparents & his adult friends  ;)  Shepards pie was his dinner of choice & carrot cake on wheels for dessert - every year I say it, but I really do think this kid had the best birthday to date! 

Onto me ;)

I am now 35.  Which surprisingly enough doesn't scare me. The age seems fitting.  Fitting for the last baby weight that hasn't come off as fast as the other babies baby weight did. Fitting for all of the wrinkles that have come from the smiles, laughs and lack of sleep my 7year old, 5year old & 10 month old have created.  Just feels right.

We had a bit of a stomach bug or something floating around the house over my weekend.  But everyone stepped up and gave me a lovely weekend.  Kevin even made his first ever cake for me (he had a helper of course) and go figure it turned out better than my cakes do

We went to a park, relaxed at home & then got in pretty clothes for homemade pizza party complete with a perfect carrot cake and wine :)

Happy Birthday to us!