Thursday, 28 February 2013

3.1 years & 21 months

Logan {3.1 years old}
He goes, goes, goes & goes all day long at mach speeds & then he crashes.  He didn't even budge while I was up in his face with the camera, flash on, snappin pics

Reagan  {21 months old}
Was it the day she was born or was the day after that we knew she was an organizer-to-the-max.  She's organizing the fridge magnets in the picture....she organized them for 20mins.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


When Logan started school I volunteered to volunteer in his classroom 2 or 3 times a month.  Because of all the snow, today was my first day.  

I came in the class a few minutes after Logan arrived on the bus.  He noticed me IMMEDIATELY  :)  Hi Mommy, Hi Mommy

I wanted to volunteer for a couple reasons... for starters the times I went in with Logan for his visits before he started I actually had a really good time.  At home it's harder to tell yourself just to sit down and play when the laundry is calling your name or there is dinner to make.  Being in the school was a nice break from the house.  But I also wanted to see Logan is his new environment, see how he interacted with the other kids, and see how did following the routine of the day.

He has adjusted perfectly :)

The first 2 weeks I would get notes in our parent-teacher communication book that he would cry.  Sometimes when transitioning from a fun activity like the sandtable to some other small group activity, sometimes when he had to sit still for too long and sometimes when he was leaving to come home.  Logan doesn't cry much - Kevin & I have always agreed that to hear Logan cry literally makes our heart ache.  So to read that he cried - mrrrrr big time.

The last couple weeks there has been no mention of crying :)

He's clearly learning the routines, I saw for myself today - I was impressed.
He has a one-on-one the entire day.  If he's not with one of his therapist he is with Mr. Marsh who is his assigned one-on-one person.  All the teachers & staff love him.  All the kids know his name.  Nora wanted to sit next to him at circle, again

His favorite thing about school?  The Ssshhkoool bus

Monday, 25 February 2013

Spring Cleaning

We might be far off from spring in CT but there's nothing like a sickness to make you want to scrub every last little tiny corner of the house.  So my big helper started with the bath toys while I put all her vomit soaked sheets & blankets in the laundry :/  Yes, to top off the nasty ear infection and crazy rash she randomly got sick last night - just once - but she's in bed sleeping right now .... I think Febrauary has kicked her little butt.
Bring on March & Springtime & Fresh air, please.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

A couple from the weekend


The rash

This was Reagan on Friday night :/ 
She didn't even look like Reagan - it had spread, big was everywhere - fingers, toes, diaper area and extremely concentrated on her face.  I told myself if it looked worse when she woke up we'd take her back said facial swelling was a reason to go to the ER....

Thankfully when she woke up on Saturday her face looked sooooo much better but it was as if the rash was moving down her body her belly/back and legs were worse.  

Today, Sunday - she is still a giant rash but it's getting better.  Google also said this type of rash could last up to 6 days...oy!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Foto Friday

 Waitin' for the school bus!

back inside, my daughters eyes are swollen and she has almost turned into one giant spot

Thursday, 21 February 2013

at the docs, again

Little miss woke up with a mild fever looking like this....YIKES

 So we went to the doctors.

Doc said there is a common rash that happens in some kids just because they are on Amoxicillin, cleverly called  Amoxicillin Rash.  She's been on Amoxicillin for 8 days now so that makes sense but I guess Reagan's rash was a little more allergy looking to doc and she suggested that Reagan might be having an allergic reaction Penicillin.  

After a full once over - she determined that Reagan does still have an ear infection (boo) and to play it safe we can say that she has a mild allergy to Penicillin.  She prescribed another, penicillin free antibiotic to clear up the almost 2 week old ear infection and told us to use benedryl and oatmeal baths for the rash.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I've been trying foooooorrrrever to get this little lady on camera talkin - but to my dismay she is camera shy.  She talks all the time and it's weird to me that I can have somewhat of a conversation with her.  We'll see if I can't get a better video soon

Here she is this morning telling me where everyone went today :)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Back then this was close

August 2011

And now, the once babies are bigger and my lap seems to have gotten smaller, so now this is closer

February 2013

Monday, 18 February 2013


We drove an hour away & smuggled Dylan into our hotel room to do something fun & different for my birthday grand finale.

Grand finale it was :)

Friday, 15 February 2013

Foto Friday: Flashback

A big ole' collage of yours truly, way back in the day - cause after all we are still celebrating my birth for at least another weekend.


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day

It's all about love.
So today we did things the kids love. 

Outside & Trucks & Mud

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

It was a good day :)

Things the Babies say: Reagan

Reagan: "mumblemumble mumble mumble"
Me: "Reagan you need to speak up if you want something"
Reagan: now standing on her tippy toes, with her chin all the way up "mommy hold you?"
"Mommy hold you" is what she says when she wants me to hold her.  Probably because I use to always respond to her whimpers at my leg with "Do you want Mommy to hold you?"

Speak up is a tough one for little ears.  I think it's hilarious & brilliant that she stood on her tippys and held her chin high.  

Me: "Yes, babydoll - thank you for speaking up, Mommy would love to hold you."

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


She was just a little too miserable for my liking.  Took her to the docs this afternoon to find out she not only has an ear infection in her left ear but she also has a partially ruptured ear drum :/
She on medicine & asleep now.
Almost feel like jumping in the crib with her :(


I started it.  Somewhere along the way I picked up a cold. I rarely catch a cold so you know if I caught it sure enough everyone else would eventually fall ill. And as predicted - a week later, Kevin, Logan & Reagan were all sick with a nasty head cold.

Logan's been a trooper - he's usually the one that handles being sick the worst.  Not this time.  Reagan gets the reward this time for the most MISERABLE.  Last night she didn't sleep.  I was up & down with her, she was in & out of our bed, she wanted her jammies off she wanted them on...

It was 5am when sleep finally found her in the nook of my arm.
5am I got a text that Logans school was cancelled, again, courtesy of Blizzard Nemo.

6am Logans up.

Momas sleepy
Kevin left yesterday morning for work travel & won't be returning until Friday.
It's my birthday tomorrow.


BUT before he left - Kevin did arrange (unbeknownst to me) to have some of my special lady friends come over tomorrow evening to hang with me so I wouldn't be alone drinking wine on my birthday. Which is what is getting me through today :)

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Nemo: 24 hours later

Here's what that serious snow I was talking about looks like.  Kids hated it... well they hated the wind that was blowing, Dylan hated it - his old bones don't hop over the snow like they use to.  We tried pulling the kids on the sled over to our neighbors house - but as you can tell from the pictures that didn't happen.  But eventually we made it over there just in time to hop in the newly snow blown path.

2 feet of snow was our measurement this morning - but it's still snowing....

Friday, 8 February 2013

Nemo: 12 hours later

We are halfway through the blizzard and it's crazy out there. 
At 8:30pm, 12 hours after the snow started, we've had 2 flickers of power & a measurement of 1 foot of snow.

Foto Friday: Blizzard Edition

Family trip down to the mailbox!


If you haven't heard Blizzard Nemo is about to dump some serious snow on us.  50mph gusts of wind will blow 18inches - 24inches of snow into our backyard. Awesome.  

They cancelled all activities and schools last night. Walmart was a mad house.  There was a line at the Liquor store at 9am this morning and yes, I was in it.  Water, Milk, Bread, Batteries & Wine.

It started snowing while I was getting the kiddos ready to make the trip to the docs for their well visits. They were pretty excited to see the snow falling....just wait my little ones, just wait.  This time tomorrow the snow will be as big as you.

Which leads me to my next topic - how big the kids are:

Logan is a lean mean 32lbs and he's either 37inches or 38inches or somewhere inbetween - he couldn't stand still long enough to get a good height measurement.  Basically a 50 percentile kid.  He wears 3T shirts & some 3T pants but those slender hips have him in mostly 2T pants.  His feet (+ PattiBobs) slide comfortably into size 8 sneakers

Reagan is 24lbs and 33inches - slightly under average for weight and slightly over average in height.  Which is ironic cause if you plug in my height and weight thats what it says for me too (lol) She wears an even size 18 month in everything but I foresee moving up to 24 month clothes sooner than later. She has a couple size 5 shoes and a couple size 6 shoes.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Day one of the new normal

With Daddy at work, Logan at school and Grandma & Grandpa gone this was Reagan & I's first official day of togetherness.  We went to the gym, we browsed the aisles of T.J. Maxx, we swept the floors & folded a load of laundry & then we went outside to wait for Logan coming home from school.
 And no activity would be complete without her throwing a completely random fit, followed by some sort of gorgeousness.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Bye Bye

That week went fast :/

Always nice to have family around when celebrating special moments in life.  
Thanks for visiting :)
Maybe we'll see you for Logan's spring break?!

Monday, 4 February 2013

20 months

Oh geeze - all the hub-bub with Logan turning the big 3 Moma forgot to make a shout out to a certain little someone turning ...... 

20 months!

What?! A mere 4 months until she's 2, impossible.

She goes for her 18 month well visit (we're a little behind schedule) at the end of the week so we'll have some digits for you then but I'm guessing she's hovering around 24 lbs and judging by Logan's  three foot stature - she's probably somewhere around two and a half feet tall.

She lets me brush her hair and put ponytails in everyday now :) We're working on wearing headbands (she put the one below on by herself and came to me and said "look mommy" ).  But more than anything I wish her pictures could speak because this little girls personality is indescribable.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Friday, 1 February 2013

Foto Friday

Day 2 of school!
Waitin' for the school bus

His BIG day

First day of School & Birthday recap in one :o
Watch out! tons-o-pictures comin your way!!!

7:30 - Everyone is up, fed, dressed and smiling?!!!
What can I say - the morning was slightly hectic not knowing exactly what time the bus would arrive.  But he was excited (probably because we were all excited) His backpack took him down a couple  Maybe Daddy packed tooo big of a snack?! And then all of the sudden the bus was coming.

8:00 - First Bus Ride to School

His school bus driver is actually our neighbor and Kevin works with her husband so she stopped by after she dropped him off at school to let us know that he did great on the bus.  His Special Education teacher sent me a picture text when he got off the bus at school and continued to send me pictures and texts the entire day to let me know he was doing great :)

8:30 - Cake Bakin'
(fyi: birthdays are holidays in this house, therefore Kevin took off work)

10:00 - The final product
 the coolest carrot cake I've ever seen

11:35 - Bus Ride Home
I can't believe that was his first day....we were so busy getting things ready for his birthday party that I almost didn't miss him but Momas not use to the house being that quiet so it was impossible not too.

3:30 - PARTY TIME!!!