Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Fall went by fast.  

It's not officially winter just yet but I know it's coming because our house has transformed for Christmas & everyday the overcast skies look more like snow than rain.  

But before we jump into the holidays there were a few things from November that need to be documented - specifically Kevin's birthday & Thanksgiving.  

We went back and forth with having a big todo for Kevin's birthday & combining it with a bit of a housewarming party but that kinda overwhelmed me so we did this instead.  Went out to dinner at the restaurant we both use to work at.  The restaurant we met at :) The same restaurant I met my best friends for life at - it was only fitting we met her and her husband there.  I will always remember the day Kevin walked in with his application.  Mary immediately said "you like him, he looks like a man"  haha. yup.  I do like him. 

Onto Thanksgiving.  This was the crew.  Aunts & Uncles, Cousins and kids.  18 in total.  Food was delicious & thankfully the weather held out so we could take family bike rides and rides in the fancy car.  Was a lovely day but it made me miss my family.

I believe that takes us up to now.  Our elf came back - bringing Christmas jammies to start the season off with instead of just having them on Christmas eve.  I swear our elf gets smarter every year.  We are planning to go see Santa this weekend which means we need to get Christmas lists done...  I don't know if you can read it (I made Reagan write everything on her own sounding it out) her list reads
Own real phone
I had to talk her out of writing Own real car.  lol.  This girl.  Convinced her Crayons would be more fitting.  No more baby dolls on her list - mrrrr :/

I leave you with a pic of this beauty.  She is such a good baby.  She literally wakes up this happy everyday.  

Monday, 21 November 2016

Nothing in the world smells as good as a person you love

 She smells so good.  Like wet diapers & spit up & soft baby skin.  And I can smell her just looking at pictures of her.  Nothing about this baby stresses me, in fact I seek her out to de-stress & nuzzle and soak in that good smell and the simple things.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The return of Saturday mornings

Every last box has been unpacked.  There are pictures hanging on the walls.  Curtains are hung.  I do believe I can say that we are officially moved in.  Which means Saturday mornings can return to sitting on the couch watching wayyyy to many Peppa Pigs & watching this cutie give me & Daddy some "sorry I woke up so many times last night - but I'm still so cute" looks.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Halloween 2016

This year we didn't end up decorating and carving pumpkins until the day before Halloween - but we had the perfect day to do it.  Kiddos painted their pumpkins and then "helped" Kevin & I carve ours. And as for the actual day of Halloween - I hardly took any pictures :o  Logan was a race car driver & I swear when I bought his costume in late summer it fit him just perfect.  When he put it on for Halloween it was small?!!!  Reagan was Strawberry Shortcake - which she decided on last spring.  I DIY'd her costume and I'm pretty sure I love it 100% more than the store bought option.  Little Ms Lucy was a candy corn/pumpkin sweetness.  We trick or treated with friends in a neighborhood nearby. Kiddos collected what I would call the perfect amount of candy.  Decorations came down the next day.  Boom.  Halloween in the new house done.

Too be honest I don't feel settled enough to put energy into holidays just yet.  Which is so not my/our style.  At this point I think we are saving all we've got to prepare mentally and physically for Christmas :o 

Friday, 4 November 2016

6 months

How on earth is this little girl a half a year old already??!  I told Kevin if waking twice a night to feed her would keep her this age for another year I would gladly do it.  But I'm still waking twice a night to feed her and she is growing??!  Somethings gotta change ;)

New this month are her 2 bottom teeth that have finalllly just broken the skin & those shiny little studs on her ear lobes.

Doc says she is 16lbs & perfectly perfect.  And by the look of these pictures I'd have to agree. Miss LucyBell, my SugarBear is perfectly perfect

Happy halfer little lady.  Slow this next half down would ya?