Friday, 25 March 2016

Springbreak 2016

We are a week back from SpringBreak and I think we've finally fully recovered ;)  Time change mixed in with lots of fun can wreck havoc on our two little simple souls.  I watched kids for half the week but saved the end of the week for some good old fashion family fun.

Outback water fun

Quick Day trip to the beach

Park fun with our friends

First trip to the splashpad with our friends

3hrs of indoor playground fun

Simulation rollar coaster ride at an arcade


Movie Nights

Neighborhood egg hunt

Whew.  For sure not your average week & I'm pretty sure the kiddos had a blast :)  

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Mister Logan has lost his 3rd tooth :o  
Yet another tooth never to be found & never to be put in a little box of forever to keep things

3 teeth lost and 3 teeth never found (most likely swallowed).  We are taking the angle of the tooth fairy is a fairy that comes and takes the tooth right when it falls out.  Sometimes the fairy is fast enough to snatch it up before you do ;)  Reagan has wondered why there is a tooth fairy & she came up with the idea that the tooth fairy has no teeth so she/he takes everyone elses.  She wonders if the tooth fairy is a boy or a girl.  To which I replied...I don't know I've never seen the tooth fairy.

The tooth fairy so far knows Logan loves trucks. And so that's what the tooth fairy brings.  Some kids get money, some get candy..

It's happening....

Our house went on the market on a Thursday & by Monday we were under contract :o  Our close date is set for April 14th.  And so for the 500th time we are boxing up our house, by ourselves (one of these times we will get movers....) Our things will go to storage and we will go to my parents.  And so we pack - at times with 6 extra kiddos running around the house.....

April 1st - will be my last day watching extra kiddos (that's next week??!)
April 10th - move in with 'rents
April 14th - close & out of house for good
April 25th - baby's due date

Whoa nelly.  

Still nothing on the job front for Kevin.  Nothing official.....

Saturday, 12 March 2016

order me a double

Freckles & missing teeth with a side of sunshine

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Winds of change are upon us

Gonna let you in on a secret.  An almost family of 5 can not survive on unemployment forever.  I do believe there are some families that make it work for a really, really, really long time.  But I also think those are the families that are content mentally and physically with subpar conditions.

And that my friends is not us.  Something has to change.

We are taking leap of faith & selling our house. (enter every single emotion face you can think of here)

Things are not panning out as we would have hoped here in Texas.  We have put feelers out there in several parts of the United States and are getting much better feedback and job potentials.  Still don't have a concrete offer but...we are more than hopeful that one of the feelers that Kevin has out there pans out - sooner than later.

Our house goes on the market Thursday.  The same sister that helped us buy this house is now helping us to sell it.  And the same parents that put us up when we first moved to Texas without a house are willing to take us back in until all our ducks are in order.

Oh and baby is still due at some point in all this chaos.

Thankfully Kevin & I can handle change and in a strange way I think we've come to enjoy it.  


We love our house.  Our neighborhood.  All the friends we've made that feel like they were always suppose to be in our life. The closeness of family.  The warmth.  

Onwards to the next big adventure.