Tuesday, 27 April 2010

We have a napper!

This is relatively old news but I thought it deserved it's own post. Logan naps! I don't know what happened but it's as if our baby grew up over night and realized that sleep is a good thing. I had decided that when we moved into our new house I'd try to start new habits with him and put him up in his crib for a nap when he started getting tired. I prepared myself to have to stay in the room the whole time putting a pacifer in, swaddling him, rocking him whatever it took. But the very first day I tried - I laid him down on his side/belly & no pacifier and he didn't even fuss - just went to sleep. It's been like that everyday since. Occasionally he'll want his pacifier but he never cries when I put him down awake. We're up to a 1hr nap in the morning and a 1-2 hr nap in the afternoon and I'm trying to get him to rest a little in the early evening. Baby steps.

biggg stretch

Monday, 26 April 2010

Oh wait...

One more picture cause it breaks my heart. Taken on one of our all day out shopping trips...

too much mommy, too much.


We make our return to the world wide web! I thought not having caffeine was hard. Try not having caffeine or internet. We'll play catch up through the pics below and then call it good and start a fresh. Definitely check our album though...a few additional pictures of the babe and our first 2 weeks.

Pulling in the driveway for the first time

Lots of unpacking and lots of help from Dylan

Having to leave Dylan in the house by himself for the first time...mrrrr

Tons of other firsts: First real dinner, first lawn cutting (fyi: Kevin cut the front and I cut the back - obviously Daddy couldn't handle the baby and the camera at the same time to take my picture pushin the mower), first wall hanging going up, first time at the grill

Lots and lots-o-shopping

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Happy Days

Well here it is - last day in a rental, ever. Tonight we sleep with the new sounds of our new house! We're beyond excited - think we'll be picking up a bottle (or two) of champagne and sitting amoungst all the boxes and just breathing in the sweet life of homeownership.

go go. ditchin this popsicle stand.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Moving Day

Movin out:

Movin in:

Wedding gifts!!! - finally:

Lots-o-work to do:
Just cause I feel like it's been awhile....

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Spring Break 2010

I think we're workin on a tradition...last year Mary came to visit us all the way in England while on her springbreak & here she is again visiting us in CT on her springbreak :) I picked her up Tuesday & returned her yesterday :/ Fun times playing with the baby and catching her up with the good, the bad & the ugly details of childbirth and life after baby. Not quite the same type of springbreak that we use to have back in the day but not any less fun.

I miss her.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

We did it!!

We are homeowners!!!

celebrating the night away with Mary & Jimmy!!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Delight

Easter consisted of us beginning to pack up our house for our big move this & next week, going to our friends house for dinner, and crawling into bed at 8:30 :) For Logans first Easter he got a couple Easter cards in the mail and Grandma & Grandpa sent an Easter box with some new outfits and a couple stuffed bunnies. No dyed eggs & no Easter egg hunts for this little guy - perhaps next year when he can participate.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Case Races!

pint size perfection.

Party Animal

Our friends Brad, Jimmy and Dawn host an annual Great Friday party. We go every year with Dylan and always have a great time. Last night Logan went for his first Great Friday party. He was asleep for the first half, had some dinner and then started socializing. He did great being held by different people and before we knew it, it was 10:45!! Way past bedtime. We were up and out this morning and so was Logan. Out like a lamp!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

2 month stats

Most days I look like someone threw me from a train and I landed in a thorn bush. I have a little extra baggage under the eyes my hair looks like a bird has found a residence in it. If you don't count my showers I've been in a bra for 1,416hrs straight. Most days I smell like spit up and I bet out of a line up of babies I could pick out the smell of my baby's dirty diaper. Kevin still tells me that I'm beautiful though and when he comes home at 4 and I haven't found the time to brush my teeth he still gives me a kiss hello :)
It's been tough and I get stressed & things snowball and I send Kevin pity party emails because I know he'll send me love notes through the day to get me by and sometimes I need them. My arms and shoulders hurt from carrying Logan around but when I ask him to, Kevin will massage them. And my eye twitches on the days that follow long nights. I would like to start working out again. The numbers on the scale are below what they were before I got pregnant and for that I'm more than happy with -but that also probably means I've lost all the muscle I had before. I want some back. This baby is only going to get bigger -gonna to need some muscles to carry him around. But until Logan is on more of a schedule lightweight flab will have to do.
Even with all the new stresses and complaints I can't imagine life without him or without Kevin for that matter. Just today I read back through all my blog entries from the day we found out we were pregnant. What a journey! I'm so happy we'll have this to read back on & maybe, because I'm documenting it, when Logan is all grown he will read back on it and never disobey me or break curfew because he realizes hes already put me through enough stress. I love him & when he cries and I pick him up he calms down -I'm the mommy :)

Dare I say "we've made it" two months? We knew going into this there would be no manual (although Erin has dug up a substantial amount of info online), no sleep, no time for us, less time for Dylan and no experience, just instincts. Before Logan blessed us on January 31st, we did get some practice changing diapers. What could be so hard about feeding and raising him? I'll have to admit, it's awful leaving Erin at home to fend for the family all day. I know Dylan can be a handful even when he gets the attention he wants, but Logan on the other hand is literally a handful. He doesn't nap all that well and we don't know all of his cries and fussy episodes yet, so carrying him around seems to be the default answer to his calls. It's not as taxing on me since I come home around 4 and we put him down for bed around 8. Most mornings I leave before he wakes up. To add insult to injury, I have class twice a week, so I'm only home for an hour of his awake time. It's not just that I feel bad for Erin having to take care of everyone during the day, twice a week evenings and twilight hours, but I also miss them :/ Logan is starting to smile, laugh a little, grab things with his hands and interact with us more. Exciting times lay ahead!

2months out of the womb and I think I'm starting to get use to life out here. Mom keeps feeding me and I keep eating & growing. When I went to the docs yesterday he told me I'm up to 11lbs 7oz & a whopping 2ft tall :) The stupid nurse lady gave me my first 3 shots - I don't wanna talk about it. I'm getting more comfortable sleeping by myself and there have been two nights where I've woken up and 7hrs had passed! Normally though I enjoy a snack twice in the middle of the night. We'll see I might surprise Mom and do the 7hr thing more often I know she likes sleeping too...especially since she gave up caffeine for me, it's the least I could do.
My head is a little more steady these days and because of that I feel like Mom & Dad are forever putting me on my belly trying to get me to roll over and do tricks for them. Someone should tell them I'm not Dylan and won't do tricks on command. Dad likes to take me "walking" - he thinks I have strong legs and will be an early walker....slow down Daddy, I can't even coordinate my legs and arms enough to crawl.
I looooove George the Giraffe and Frank the Frog. Mom puts them in my face a lot - I think she just likes to see me laugh and smile and she knows they bring out a smile every time. Still lovin my time in the bathtub especially when Mom or Dad comes in with me.
I got to meet my cousin Olivia and her parents, my Aunt Andrea & Uncle Tim - Olivia moved around lots, I got dizzy watching her but mostly I was jealous she got to play with all the big kid toys. Olivia & I keep in touch via texts now that she's left. Grandma & Grandpa came to visit me again as well... Grandpa got me my first lawn mower!! and Mom left me with them for a couple hours so me and Grandma could get in a couple good squeezes.
I feel like so much has happened in so little time. I could get use to this :)
Is it my birthday?! All these new toys! Mom & Dad tell me I can't have them though. I think they are holding out until Christmas. That's my favorite, but I've already seen these toys, so I hope they get some more!! Oh, the little guy? You mean "bite size"? That's what I call him. Ya, I dunno. I try to hang out with him but Mom & Dad get nervous. I've even rolled over so he can scratch my belly, but I don't think he's all that into me. There was this one time, another little person came over and she dropped all sorts of tasty treats for me! I think this little guy's got potential. I'll keep an eye out for him, we're brothers you know...

2 months down, forever to go

Like father like son

I saw this picture of Logan and immediately thought it looked like Kevin when he was young - I investigated and sure enough....Logan is lookin just like his Daddy :)

lucky boy.