Monday, 30 September 2013

The day we almost went on a Boat Ride

We were suppose to be up and at 'em yesterday morning to meet Grandma & Grandpa at the boat docks for a Sunday boat ride.  Except that when we woke up it was black skies and thunderstorms.  


Not to miss out on the Bloody Mary's and Boat snacks that were all packed and ready to go we continued on with the plan - only instead we hung out at Grandma & Grandpas house ALLLLL day long.  Kinda felt like we lived there again :)

Friday, 27 September 2013

Foto Friday


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Cool points & watersliding

Isa had a hair appointment, Uncle Timmy was working late, Daddy was on his way home from work -  which gave me, Aunt Erin/Mommy, a solid 1 hour to get a few more cool points. 


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Memories of Septembers Past

Just cause.
Unless of course you would rather see pictures of Reagan throwing fits.
These pics are better & make me smile.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

First day of Autumn

OMG. If today was a taste of what the rest of Autumn will be like in Texas I LOVE it.  It was amazing weather.  Amazing enough to want to spend just about alllll day outside.

First a morning bike ride to get some breakfast:

Then a hike complete with a picnic
Happy Fall :)

Friday, 20 September 2013

Foto Friday: 5 for Friday

1. Logan had his Neurologist appointment yesterday.  It was a first appointment so it was a lot of information sharing and them trying to get the best glimpse they could of Logan in 1 hour inside a tiny doctors office.  The doctor did advise us to keep our evaluation appointment at the Autism Clinic which is scheduled in October.  However, just like all the other doctors he agreed and said that although there are some "red flags" he was very social.  He did take a look at his old MRI images and commented that Logan's  Corpus Callosum appeared abnormally small/underdeveloped.  He will have other doctors take a look at the images and may recommend another MRI.  I would be surprised if all our past doctors didn't pick up on it ...but that's the benefit of a new set of doctors, right? A fresh set of eyes & ears.   You can read about it by clicking this link.  Hypoplasia of the Corpus Callosum. 
But after doing some google'ling it makes more sense to me than to say Logan is autistic.

2. It is getting more official.  Got my Texas license plates yesterday :o

3. "Mommy, Mommy! LOOK!!! Look what Reggie found in her nose"

4. For those of you that didn't see this on Facebook yesterday.  This is the note that came home with Logan.  LOL.  Still makes me laugh out loud today.

5. Morning time with Mommy.  Today we stayed in jammers almost all day :)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Picture Day

Yesterday was picture day at school for Logan.  I 100% guarantee that LifeTouch did not put the effort into getting a good picture out of Logan.  Making sure his hands were out of his mouth, his head was up, his hands weren't in his pants... and make sure he smiles. Good Luck LifeTouch. That is a task I have only sometimes mastered.

But we still paid $22 for 8 3x5 pics to mail out to family & keep for the memory box :)

Today, the day after picture day - to include Reagan and make up for whatever his school picture will lack we set out for a photo shoot.

Still didn't get a great picture of Logan.  But we had fun :) And managed to get a couple cute ones - see for yourself:

Sunday, 15 September 2013


Another fun & exhausting weekend over :)


Kids Day at the Park

Yesterday was Kids day at the Park - the park by Grandma & Grandpas house.  Aside from it being a bajillion degrees out and there being a bajillion&two bugs out it was fun.  There was a firetruck, police car & a helicopter to touch and sit in.  There were moon bounces, a petting zoo (me & Reagan's favorite) and a train that poor Mason-Man never did get to ride on :/ 

And let us not forget the ever important snow cone to finish our day at the park :)

Kevin opted to stay behind to work on the bench - here's where we're at now.  Just some trim and paint left :)

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Do you see....?

This is a video of Logan playing his favorite game:

Friday, 13 September 2013

Foto Friday

Logans new glasses arrived today.  They were $5 clearance frames at Walmart.  I thought I would like them ...but after seeing him in them for a day I'm thinkin he needs something a little more square, a little more GQ.  Mildly bummed, cause picture day at school is next week and I wanted him to have some awesome new big boy glasses for his first picture day.  Shoulda known $5 clearance glasses at Wally wouldn't pull through.  Darn it.  We'll go back and look maybe on the $10 rack ;)

BUT as always, anything you put on this kid - he rocks. 


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Not a bad way to get over the hump of the week

Never a day goes by that I don't take at least one picture - there are days I don't take very many and then there are days, like today, that I was a picture takin fool :)

Enjoy our day as you look at the pictures - it was good.

Believe it or not this is Reagans first bowl of cereal & milk. She slurped down a HUGE bowl.

Reagan's first class at My Gym.  She played shy & overwhelmed but I think she liked it :)

A random Birthday party ensued when the box of birthday hats was found by Logan

And post-nap we dressed up....
First as cowboys & cowgirls

Then we put on Mommy & Daddy's clothes

She didn't like the noodles that were served to her on her dinner plate.  But up from the table served from a pot on a giant spoon they were DELISH !!

Then I met Andrea for a run in a fancy neighborhood :)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

As promised

Our weekend two days later.

Saturday pre-nap was spent at Lowes measuring and buying materials for a project at the house:

Saturday post-nap despite the kiddos being sick we went to Grandma & Grandpas for football, playing, dinner a couple games for the adults while the kiddos cuddled in the big bed :)

Sunday pre-nap was spent starting the project - a kitchen window bench!

Sunday post-nap was spent how Sunday post-nap time should be spent.  Paintin toes and playin in the front yard :)

Monday, 9 September 2013

Monday Monday

Feeling a little lack luster today - I believe the whole Hawk family is fighting a cold :/  So we're taking the lazy route today.  Perhaps tonight after the children are in bed I'll get around to showing you the good times from this weekend - not to mention a glimpse at a house project we (aka: Kevin) started :o

Friday, 6 September 2013

School Week

A short week of school - done.  2 weeks in & I'm still having to wake him up at 6:30 he still doesn't really eat breakfast and he kinda has a deer in headlights look about him when I drag him outside at 7am to wait for the bus.

This whole week he has given me the saddest sad face when he is getting on the bus :/  Again I think it's the whole Mommy is waking me up, Mommy is trying to shove food down my throat and Mommy is taking me outside.....wait I'm getting on a bus....

Here he is from his week waitin for the school bus.  Notice the deer in headlights look:




Foto Friday

"Moma, Reggie gonna wear her sunglasses on her bellwee, ok?"

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Playin hookie

Logan got an EXTRA long weekend.  No school today, instead an eye appointment.  All went well :)  Doc dilated his eyes and took new measurements and actually decreased his prescription a little.  The glasses have helped immensely with the eye crossing and so the prescription no longer needs to compensate for that.  Without glasses he is still very one eye dominant but we knew he would always have to wear glasses for that reason.

For a - Thank you for being good at the doctors for 2hrs - we went to the Childrens Museum.  Which was basically a building that housed all of Logan & Reagan's most favorite things in the whole wide world.  

They had A LOT of fun - which probably explains why they absolutely didn't want to leave and made that clear to me by simultaneously throwing the most outrageous fits EVER... I literally had to drag them both out to the car.  

Fun times ruined.

New Years Resolution Status Check: Reagan

New Years Resolution: Quit the Paci
Status Check: DONE!!!!!!

Was it hard or easy?  It was hard for 2 nights.  After the first night of hardly any sleep I was ready to go to the store and buy a new stash.  I'm not use to getting up in the middle of the night multiple times to tend to a crying child so I was cranky and not ready to do it again.

We had a housewarming/football party that next day so the plan was to play HARD, stay up late and be so exhausted that paci or no paci she would pass out from shear exhaustion.  That plan kinda worked.  She woke up once early on and I held her in my arms and continued to chat and watch football with some lingering house guests ..aka Isa & Uncle Timmy ;) She fell asleep.

The next morning her eyes were puffy and red from being so overtired and doing so much I miss my paci's crying.  We pushed through - same plan.  Play HARD and stay up late.  This is how we did that: An outdoor concert & fireworks

She went right to sleep when we finally got home at 10pm - holding her glow necklaces, bracelets on - she didn't wake once.

The next day she napped :)
and last night she went to bed and fell asleep without one single tear.

Today we were at the eye doctors and she heard a baby crying she turned to me and said "that baby is sound sad.  maybe she need a paci. Reggie go get a paci's from the park"

We did it.  Not so bad.
Paci = Baby.  No Paci = No Baby. Mommy kinda misses her baby :/