Monday, 28 April 2014

Things the babies Say: Reagan

Reagan:  Mommy do you have any money?
Me: Yes, just a little
Reagan: I don't have any money.  Can I have all your money?

Hard to say no to a little beauty like this....and so it begins.

1st Annual Hawk/Davies Camping Trip!!!

We have returned from our first family camping trip!

We left on Friday afternoon with our neighbors and good friends, The Davies, drove 2hrs to spend over 48hrs in the great outdoors with allllll our 6 kiddos. 

Cinnamon & Rob Roy and their 4 kids: Ace, Bullwinkle, CannonBall & Domino (yes, we all had new "camp names assigned on Thursday night before we left) had their new camper and us Hawks: Storm, Taz, Tick & Quicksilver split up between 2 tents.  

left to right: Tick, QuickSilver, Bullwinkle, Domino, Ace & CannonBall

left to right: Rob Roy, Cinnamon, Storm & Taz

We did a whole lotta nothing but had a great time doing it.  Kids spent a good amount of time playing in the dirt, adults spent a good amount of time talking, eating, drinking.  We filled the days with exploration walks, fishing, picnics & a couple games of bocce.  We filled the evenings with campfires & smores.

The weather was awesome & the company was perfect. 

All and all it was a successful trip.  It was our kids first time camping and first time sleeping in tents.  Kevin took Reagan and Dylan in the bigger tent and I took Logan.  They went to bed with the sun & rose with it. But in the darkness they slept hard.  Last night Logan said "we go back to the camping house"  :)

If all these pictures didn't satisfy you - click HERE to see all the rest.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Scenes from a Tuesday

Looking at the blog with Daddy  :)

Good times

Good Friday:
No school & no work.  We set out to do nothing & just hang out in the back yard allll day long.  I can't tell you the last time we just sat & weren't productive.  Kevin got bored a few minutes into relaxing and so this is a picture of our Friday attempting to relax and catch some sun.

Great Saturday:
A morning with family 
An afternoon with m'love
And an evening with good friends
yes, yes & yes

Eggcellent Sunday:
The Easter we had to hide the kiddos baskets outside cause somehow Reagan got super afraid of the Easter Bunny coming into the house to leave treats.  

Our first Easter that the weather was finally warm enough to wear cute Easter outfits 

The Easter that Logan found a new favorite food: Jelly Beans

The Easter that a ton of great pictures were taken, new dance moves were created (zip the hood, hula hoop, crack the egg), and the Easter Bunny cake returned.

Good stuff a'plenty.