Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Kevin got laid off almost a week ago.  No warning. Effective immediately.

There it is.  It's private, it's personal, it's uncharted territory. But this blog has always served as a chronicle of our life - the highs & the lows.  And as humbling of an experience this is.  This is our life right now.  And in a year when I read back, I'll know we survived & came out ontop :)

We have 2 kids & one on the way. Our insurance ends in 2 days.  Oh this little journey of life...keepin us on our toes, always. We're figuring it out. Kevin has applied for unemployment & I believe being pregnant with no income qualifies me for some medicaid. 

We are trying to keep a positive outlook.  I'm still watching kiddos during the week so we have a little cash flowing in. We have friends and family digging deep into all their networks to give Kevin any leads on jobs.  He's had one phone interview already & we're hoping for a few more nibbles sooner than later.

We are not alone & that's how I know with confidence that we will weather this storm.  Our family & friends - near and far - have all reached out with their support & positivity.  Keep it comin!

In the meantime - we shall enjoy having coffee together every morning, enjoy not sitting in 2hrs of traffic every morning, enjoy this time together - cause if all goes as planned we'll never have this "opportunity" again ;)

We had the pop up campers maiden voyage planned for this weekend & we debated cancelling - but we are going to escape reality for a couple days.  Maybe some fresh wilderness will bring us some good luck.

Positive thoughts people.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

April 24, 2016

The due date for this little peanut!

Ahhh finally confirmation that there is a wee one growing in my belly :)  And for being a little thing he/she has a crazy strong heartbeat.  Clocked in at 175 :o

Made all my appointments for the rest of the pregnancy. Now just shift it into cruise control, right? 

Doc said (in regards to the heartbeat) "oh well, that's a girl right there".  I'm still feeling boy.  But we're still strong on not finding out.  

Kevin ended up taking the day off after the ultrasound appt - Reagan was with Grandma & Grandpa & Logan was at school - so we had a kidless afternoon together in which we spent it entirely: talking about baby, shopping for baby & then came home and started figuring the arrangement for the nursery. M'love knows how to make this moma happy :)

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Great things take time

I'm here.  I'm still pregnant - I think?!  If I'm not pregnant than lordybe, help me.  My belly has been rockin&rollin, I'm freezing cold 90% of the day, I'm so incredibly tired at 7:30pm, my back is aching, I've been getting up to pee in the middle of the night, I've grown out of most my bras & I definitely have a little bit of a belly.

All this already?!!  Pretty sure I remember the first trimester of the last two babies being a relative breeze and pretty unnoticeable.  Third times the charm I suppose ;)

The above is a picture Reagan drew of me with the baby in my belly.  That's been my favorite thing so far of this pregnancy.  Her little mind figuring out this whole baby in my belly thing.  Last week she said "I can't wait for your belly to get big when the baby gets here"  I told her the baby was already in my belly.  She was mind blown.  I've told her things like the baby can smell and hear and pretty soon she will see the baby kick - she almost looks a little freaked out at first but then says something like "that's cool"

Reagan thinks it's a boy.  I think it's a boy.  Kevin has no opinion yet, neither does Logan. I've done 3 wives tale gender predictors - Chinese Birth Chart, Mayan Pregnancy Calendar & I've pee'd on baking soda - all of those tests/charts came back girl.  Our most recent talks are leaning towards not finding out boy or girl until baby pops out :o 

One last ultimate surprise.  We'll see if we hold out with that thought for the next 9months. First appt is on Monday. Excited to finally see/hear this little babe!!

Time seems to be crawling.... I want to blink & it be April

Thursday, 3 September 2015

One more please.

Remember how I said this picture:
was one from a night we would remember for a lot of reasons..... This is the day, August 22nd, that we found out we were pregnant with our 3rd and final BABY!!!!! YAY :)  
It's still super early but we knew it would be near impossible to hold news of this magnitude so we made sure Logan & Reagan were the first to know.  This is that picture:

Then slowly and surely we spread the news :)

I don't have an appointment until September 21st but here we go - counting down 9months & GO!

Estimating a due date in late April 2016 :)

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Collecting moments, not things

Dumped pictures from my phone on the computer tonight.  There were so many I debated posting any of them.  But then I thought - if they don't make a debut on the blog, they'll just be in the mix of the millions of other pictures that didn't make the cut.  And these pictures deserve a slice of forever:

r/c cars, rockets, dirt & the minivan - sweetness

champagne on a boat - 'nuff said

cause there aren't enough pictures of just us these days

this picture could be used to sum up this summer - fun!

our little picasso hard at work on her next masterpiece

end of summer storm rolling in

broncos vs. texans pre-season game - a night to remember for a lot of reasons ;)

finally i get to pack 2 lunches - one for logan & one for m'love

if this picture doesn't make you smile then...

in addition to dressing herself these days - she is on a kick of tucking her shirts in

 late night karaoke with friends - eek!

my favorite from his first day of kindergarten

a childs 2nd birthday party turned adult party...

 another one to add to my sleeping babies collection

dirt & my kids love each other so much

Grandma made banana split ice-creams....pretty sure they were a hit