Saturday, 27 June 2015

Foto Friday

Little cousin cruise to the pool :)


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

She's ours

Kevin has carpooled with the same guy, Darrell, since we moved to Texas.  We live near each other and they work together.  Nearly 2 years of driving an hour to and from work, 5 days a week.  They do a lot of talking.

Somehow it got mentioned how one day we would love to own a pop up camper.  And turns out Darrell & his wife, Pam, own one.  Fancy that.

I'm not exactly sure what happened between that conversation and now.  But we are now the proud, new owners of the pop-up.

Kind people make my heart happy.

Thank you a million times over. The memories will be great and they will live on well beyond our children's childhood.  

So here she pending - but she is definitely a she - with all that beauty and all ;)  

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A Fathers Day to remember

He is an amazing father.  Always has been.

This year, despite the small gift he received and the delicious food we ate all weekend the most prized present for Fathers Day came the morning after a late night listening to live music & watching fireworks with friends 

Logan slept until 9am !!!!! He has NEVER EVER EVER slept that late.  That's how this Fathers Day will be remembered..."remember that Fathers Day Logan slept until 9?"

These kiddos are so lucky to have you as their Dad.  You are cool, you are smart, you are patient, you will embarrass yourself to make them smile.  You change diapers, you cook dinners, you clean & do laundry, you are unbelievably handy. You love me & dance with me in the kitchen while they beg for a turn.  You buy them random gifts & love them unconditionally.
After years of wanting this swing 

from Ikea we finalllllly bought it :)

and we should have bought a loonng time ago.  All his therapist use a swing - it has always chilled him out to the max.  A new happy place has been found 

Friday, 19 June 2015

Foto Friday

She wanted to dress as a doctor to her 4 year well check appt :)  She clocked in at 35lbs & 40inches & tough enough to handle 1 shot with no tears but not quite tough enough to handle 3 ;)


Thursday, 18 June 2015

The art of a speedbump

If you flip a book over the spine creates an amazing speedbump.  This is his go-to activity....running trucks over any kind of speedbump he can find or create.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Foto Friday

Little late evening neighborhood exploring in our jammies.


Thursday, 11 June 2015

Same only older

Today I took the picture on the right & immediately when I saw it the picture on the left popped into my memory...she had just turned 2 in that picture

Same little face. Same big blue eyes. Same little tilt in her neck. Same not brushed hair. Same gorgeous little girl, only older.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Friday, 5 June 2015

Foto Friday

We may need to invest in a bigger small pool :o


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Notable for today

The rain has finally stopped & HELLO summer.  It's been hot & sunny & perfect for plenty of trips to the splash pad :)

My summer will be busy.  Today was the perfect storm that was bound to happen eventually.  I was suppose to have 7 extra kiddos comin thru our house today :o  Thankfully? 3 of them cancelled.

Played Hide & Seek with Winston & Reagan today.  Winston ran around looking for Reagan for like 10mins before sitting down on this chair and saying "Ms. Erin, I can't find Reagan anywhere"  (click on the picture and see if you can find her...)

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Partner in Crime

She is on my list of top 5 favorite people to shop with.

Days that I don't have any extra kids I pack the 3hrs Logan is gone for school full of things I NEED to get done.  Most of the time that involves a lot of shopping & errand running.

On this particular day:

Me: "OK baby girl...we got a lot we need to get done & a few more stops to make.  What do you want to do:power thru with just a snack OR do you want to eat lunch in the parking lot before our next stop?"

R: "Can I sit in the front if we eat lunch? My belly has been telling me it's hungry for lunch"

Me: "Sure thing jellybean"

My heart hopes that in 10 years we can sit and take the same picture & that I'm on her top 5 list ;)

Her 4th


This birthday for me was strange.  Can't pinpoint what exactly it was - but it was strange all the way down to the fact that I think I have 10 pictures TOTAL for the entire day :/ Her & I were on different pages that day and maybe that made me a little sad.  Nothing I did made her happy.  All that aside...

We had a lovely day and thankfully everyone that I invited 3 days prior could show up for her little party.  We did bubbles & water balloons, cake & presents - and to top it off she received perfect presents. 

The radio "magically" played Happy Birthday to her!  She was jazzed to the max ;)

The little Birthday crew

It wasn't until everyone left and she was in bed that she came back down -too infused with sugar to sleep - that she gave me a good hug and kiss.

Happy Birthday baby girl :) I seriously can NOT believe you are 4.

Thank you to all - near & far - that helped love her a little extra on her birthday.