Thursday, 30 July 2009

14 weeks!

Thankfully the weeks are starting to go by faster - I'm continuing to feel good, aside from being super sleepy. Apparently right around 14 weeks I'm suppose to get my normal energy levels back....the books say I'll just wake up one morning with some extra pep to my step. We'll see.

Still no cravings :( booooo. I'm excited for those - although some would say that I enjoy odd combinations of things on a regular basis. With my luck, when the cravings do finally kick in they'll probably be for American things that we can't get over here like Velveeta Shells & Cheese, very cold & crispy Clausen dill pickle spears, Ego Waffles, etc.... I can just picture it now: me craving a combination of all of the above, Kevin not being able to get it for me & then me crying. Hahaha

Oh love, this could be a fun 9 months :)

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Gender Predictor

While chatting with Mary today she reminded me about this Chinese Gender Predictor Chart that has predicted a few of her family members correctly so while on the phone we tried it out for me........and it predicts we're having a GIRL! Try it and tell me if it's been accurate for you

In my gut I've thought we're having a boy - Kevin thinks the opposite that we're having a girl. Healthy & happy would satisfy us both. Only time will tell....ughhh September seems so far away.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Baby Hokie in the making!

Erin McGinnis, good friend & fellow Hokie just sent us an England package!!!! And we are proud to say whether boy or girl this little baby will be freggin adorable decked out in a pair of VT booties & little cap :) Unfortunatley, by the size of the booties he/she won't be fitting in them for the 2010 season. But every team needs a little off season spirit to keep them going. Ahhhh we love it all so much!!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

13 weeks!

"Fingerprints have formed on your tiny baby's fingertips, her veins and organs are clearly visiable through her still thin skin, and her body is starting to catch up with her head - which makes up for a third of her body size now. If you're having a girl, she now has over 2 million eggs in her ovaries. Your baby is now almost 3 inches long (about the size of a medium shrimp) and weighs nearly an ounce." - Baby Center

Not much change from last week. Definitely no more queasy'ness these days - which is nice. Still no weight gain but I've noticed a little bit more of a belly popping out :) Exciting. Wonder when the day will be that I can't button my jeans!!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Recent Purchases

Being a rainy day lump on the couch today which is the perfect enviroment for online shopping :) I just purchased 2 pregnancy workout/yoga DVDs off Amazon - I've never really done yoga before but heard it's really good during pregnancy & then the other one I bought because the reviews were good, it's not yoga & her name is Erin. My gym membership recently expired (didn't go enough to warrant renewing) and the weather here has been more crappy than good recently so I can't rely on going for a jog outside all the time - figured a couple DVDs would do the trick. Hope they're good.

I also bought a maternity belly bar to replace my current belly piercing. It looks the same just flexible enough to expand with my growing belly. I like my belly ring now and perhaps it will give me that extra motivation when all is said and done to get back in shape.

1st midnight feeding

I was awoken at 12:30am with a sudden urgency to pee (a regular occurrence these days) and when I went to crawl back into bed all I could dream about was food which very quickly made me hungry. I tried to subside the hunger pains with sips of water but after an hour of hungry sleeplessness I told Kevin I was getting up to get some clementines. 1 banana & 2 clementines at 1:30am. I suppose I'm glad I didn't dive into the leftover pizza or tub of chocolaty frozen yogurt.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

12 weeks!

I've officially reached the ever so important milestone in the pregnant world! First Trimester OVER! Some of my books say that 14 weeks is the real start to the 2nd trimester but all my books agree that at 12 weeks the baby is fully formed & the rest of the time is spent growing. Grow Baby Grow!!

And growing we all are! I think I've started rounding out around the edges & I've been super tired lately leading me to believe the baby is going through a little growth spurt and sucking up all my energy.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Doctors Appointment

We had another doctors appointment today to have our blood work done & a general check up. After waiting for an hour to be called back (ugghhh!) I sat with the midwife as she filled out tons of paperwork took my weight, blood pressure, height yadda yadda and then took 4 viles of blood from me :/ Next up was the actual doctor - he reviewed my paperwork and confirmed that I was indeed a healthy individual but then SURPRISE he wanted to do a scan :) YAY!!! It wasn't the clearest picture because I didn't have a full bladder (I wasn't suppose to have a scan today) but we saw our little baby do almost two full somersaults - the picture above is where he/she ended up and started waving. His/her butt is in the air and the head is down..the distinct line you see towards the bottom is his/her hands waving :) You can barely make out the legs but they're there. Little acrobat we have on our hands.

Doc. gave the thumbs up that everything looks a-ok! Next appointment is in 4 weeks with the mid-wife to listen to the heartbeat.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Little things

Baby Hawk collected a few gender neutral gifts while on his/her trip back to the states

bibs, socks & onesies from Aunt Fatema

zipper sleeper from Aunt Andrea

monkey hat from Aunt Mary

ahhhhh!!! I can't wait to see our baby in all of these :)

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Stockin Up

Queasy'ness has definitely subsided - just a few random instances where I feel the boat that I'm on is rockin just a bit too much. Now the queasy belly has been replaced by hungry belly... much prefer hungry belly. Again, it could be because I'm still in the states now with my best friend & what we do together is drink, eat, shop & laugh - and since we can't drink together anymore you better believe we've been making up for it in the other categories! Stockin up my belly for the growin baby inside.

Andrea sent me a huge box of her maternity clothes the other day! Niiiiiice. I'm wearing one of the shirts right now with my jammers - I'm not showing yet but after the root beer float I had last night I thought... a t-shirt with a little extra belly room never hurt anyone. Can't wait to wear my new stretchy, big belly fitting jeans :) Mary & I added to my new pregnancy collection a little during our shopping adventure and I'll probably continue stockin my closet up for my growin belly.

Our friends Howie & Becky who are expecting their first child in late September gave us a heads up on a couple baby furniture pieces that their friends were selling for a good price - a crib & a changing table and since we don't have either - PERFECT! It's possible that we'll use them in CT and then when we make the big move elsewhere we'll leave them behind so we can buy a set for a nursery but in the meantime we're stockin up on baby equipment.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Sneaky Sneaky

Mom (or should I say Grandma!!!) & I are on our way to the sonogram!

While I'm here in the US on my visit we decided to try to sneak in a doctors appointment to get some American information in case it varied from what I had been given in England. A few white lies later and we're in! In a matter of two days I've been in fact confirmed pregnant, had blood work done and received a sonogram! :) YAY! The doc still dated me a little earlier than what we had figured...perhaps we had it all figured wrong?! Or maybe the baby is shy and curls up every time the cold gel hits my belly. I'm just happy to confirm that yes the baby has grown since the sonogram last week & yes the heart beat is still stong. My mom was able to come with me which was nice & a good substitue since Kevin wasn't able to be there :( They gave me a ton of magazines and packets of info which should be good entertainment while on the plane on Monday.

Been feeling better recently - notsoqueasy feeling in the mornings anymore & I feel like I've been eating more...perhaps it's all my moms home cookin!

Belly pictures will continue in couple weeks when the baby catches up to our last pics.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Babies R Us

We have officially entered the world of our lives according to the week by week updates of baby Hawk & strolling the aisles of Babies R Us with a scanner gun - LOVE IT. WE ARE REGISTERED!! Wahoooo. Just the big stuff for now - but being that they don't have a Babies R Us in England and this could be the last time we'll be back in the states until November we needed to test drive some things.


Buy us stuff ;)

The word is out!

FINALLY we have been able to shout from the roof tops that we're having a baby. Every single person in our families were surprise & so happy. At the last minute Kevin & I decided instead of doing our Apples to Apples game idea we made collages in which we hid a picture of the pregnancy test - we went for this idea so we wouldn't have to wait around for the right time to play a game. And as suspected my sister was the first one to spot it - I had my eyes locked on her and I saw her face before the screams came out. My mom & Kevin's mom were quick to follow and then it was all screams & a few tears. Ahhhh so happy :) Within a few minutes everyone was on phones or cell phones helping spread the news. YAY.

The 4th of the July my Dad & brother made it into town and for them we hid the sonogram picture in the mix of other pictures...their faces were priceless.

Definitely a 4th of July to remember :) Welcome to our world baby Hawk!!!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

1st Scan!!!

The past two weeks we both have been maxed out on an emotional high. We had so much to be excited for - our trip back to our parents, telling our families the good news & to top it all off we had our 1st scan today :) Didn't know what to be more excited about. I must have tried on 10 different outfits...what does one wear to their first scan?!! I picked Kevin up early from work and we headed to the hospital. We were taken in right away - it was nice not having to wait...cause believe you me my bladder was filled to the max and then some. We saw our baby immediately! She measured him/her and pointed out the legs, head, heartbeat and cord & took some pictures of our wee one. We could have sat starring at the screen all afternoon so it was a bit of a let down when she turned off the machine after only a couple minutes....mrrrrr. The measurements dated us a little behind what we thought. She estimated we were about 9.5 weeks along. So thats that - we saw our baby for the first time - he/she is beautiful. Next scan is schedule in far away.