Sunday, 28 February 2016

The littlest of my babies room

Her room has been complete for over a month now.  It started if you remember from an old fence that Kevin was replacing for a friend.  And from there ..... it didn't take much to transform.  We just rolled with it.  It fits none of the million baby girl rooms I pinned on Pinterest.  It came about just like all the other rooms came about - one single piece of inspiration and a whole bunch of hand me downs.

Not pictured are all the drawers of the dresser and the full racks of the closet which hold all the teeny tiny little onesies and itty bitty baby socks & the pretty little ruffled dresses neatly folded & perfectly hung.

Its my favorite room of the house :)

There are still a few bits of touches that need to be added & then of course once there is a little baby in that crib I may never leave that room.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

2 weeks in 191 words & 14 pictures

My mind has been distracted recently so not much going ons with the blog front but to catch you up quickly on the last 2 weeks:

I've turned a year older - 34 years old, 30 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby - they say good things come in 3's.  Here's hoping....

We've had a few gorgeous  Texas days in February.  And after a few months of the water table being tucked away the kiddos are ever so anxious to get it & their swimsuits out.

Been busy watching kiddos and a dish pile this deep happens nearly everyday. oy. Laundry & dishes are never, ever ending

He's been busy too....for the last 6 years of his life.  

And then most recently was an impromptu camping trip with our friends, the Bacles.  

Man oh man oh days....gonna have to get him an orange life vest for Christmas - how is it possible to look that good in one?  Or is it just knowing he's about to row me & the kiddos around that looks so good.

Planning to take pics of the nursery today & post them tonight! Stay tuned :)

Monday, 15 February 2016

Monday, 8 February 2016

On the weekend, growing, gypsies & victories

We were to have heard about a potential job for Kevin on Friday.  That call never came despite us holding our breaths.  Feel like everything is at a standstill until that call or another call comes.  We wait - we have started - a rather lengthy - list of things to do & buy when we have money.  

Doesn't help that come Friday, after a week of watching kids & not leaving the neighborhood all I want to do is get drunk and go shopping.  Thats not possible....So instead we spent a good part of the weekend outside trying not to think about all the things we want
We are all growing like whoa!  Take a look at that 29 week belly and all the extra squish around it.  The last month I've grown a lot.  As of today, Monday February 8 at 8:59am there are 76 days & 15hrs left till I'm fully 40 weeks.  If she follows suit with my other two she will wait until just then and then burst out with a quickness.  I'm just hoping (or do I really care??) that I make it to the hospital.  Her name is picked and Kevin & I call her by it on occasion when no one else is around.  Her nursery is done - pics to come on that - but it's beautiful.

This kid is always growing.  Man.  He had an extremely rough weekend.  I wish sometimes that other people could be a fly on the wall on the weekends - particularly those weekends that are rough with Logan.   We by far aren't the greatest parents that ever lived - we have stopped potty training at home (they are continuing at school) - but when things are stressful enough without potty training.... it's an avoidance tactic to save ourselves from that stress, for right now. We don't have the funds to send him to the best private school, I don't spend hours researching the best practices/therapies/grants he could potentially receive. But I did spend 30mins pushing him in the swing during a rough patch this weekend.  Giving love when it's hardest to love ...that is what makes us good.

My little gypsy princess.  She is growing in every imaginable way.  Her knees physically ache her at night or maybe that's her little brain growing and coming up with a way to not only delay bedtime but to get an extra hug??!  She is hungry every 30mins.  I swear overnight she has turned into a little teenager with her attitude and smart talk.  She folds her arms and stomps her feet. Her sweet little voice now has an edge of sass.  She tests her boundaries, constantly. Last night she asked me no less than 15times if she could have another cookie, she probably asked Kevin 5 times....and in her head I bet she was thinking I wonder what the magic number of times is that I have to ask before they finally give in.  Turns out that number is somewhere around 30.  Ugh.  My babies are growing up.  Only 6 months ago she use to announce at the top of her lungs "Moma I'm gonna go poo" & then a couple minutes later shout "I'm all done" Indicating I come help her wipe.  Now she goes to the bathroom shuts the door (sometimes locks it) and if I knock to go in to grab a diaper or something she politely says to me "I'm almost done Mommy I'd like some privacy until I'm finished"  Can't blame her - those are the exact words I've always said to her.  Just not used to hearing them said back to me....from my 4 year old.   

 Alas - Despite all that growing we had a wonderful little weekend which ended in a Broncos Superbowl victory & two very happy Broncos fans embracing.

Which brings us into the start of my birthday week .....  

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

"How much good inside a day? Depends how good you live 'em" - A Light in the Attic

The Big 6

It never fails to amaze me how slowly some days go by but then WHAM - a year is gone by.  

6 years to be exact.

This boy is 6 years old.  Loves the outdoors, trucks, hitches, being dirty and sleeping hard but not sleeping in.  He loves fruit, chips, and dipping in ranch but not ketchup.  He likes going fast, falling & being dizzy.  

For his 6th birthday celebration we gave him every little boys dream - Monster Jam followed by Camping :)

Monster Jam
The ladies of the fam aren't usually invited to Monster Jam but this year due to a slight change in others plans - the ladies went.  I'm so happy I did because for one it was more entertaining than I anticipated but moreso because I finally got to experience it with Logan - the boy loves it in a very deep down passionate way.

We snagged Logan out of school half day with a Monster Truck balloon & the van hitched up to the camper ready to head out for a weekend in the wild.  The Hertels joined us for the weekend and Grandma & Grandpa joined us for the birthday celebration.  Pretty sure his birthday weekend was EVERYTHING he could ever ask for & I know as a family we would absolutely be on board for making this his Birthday tradition.  Hopefully the pictures capture just how happy he was cause he was on cloud nine up until we started packing up to go home.

Happy Birthday Buddy!

click me for more camping pics!