Sunday, 30 May 2010

Fountain Fun

Texas Beauties

Andrea, Tim & Olivia had some family pictures taken yesterday. Pretend photographer Erin snuck around the real photographer and snapped a few extras ;) If the ones I took turned out this good I can't wait to see the photographers pictures.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Texas going ons

Logans first flight!
Cutie Cousins :)
Logan at the pool for the first time ....
and then theres Olivias at the pool ... little fishy

Staying busy and havin a good time & of course thaking a TON of pictures.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Just the Guys

In preparation for the hot Texas weather, Mom decided to have her lovely locks trimmed, so Dad left work early to watch us. I helped him clean the kitchen and do some dishes. Wow! That's tiring. I took a nice nap, had a snack and decided we should all hang out under the fan to keep us cool from the hot Connecticut weather. They say today could break records!! It was hot hot!!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Headed to O Town!!

We're packin our bags for our super early depature on Thursady for Houston - YAY! This will be Logans first flight so we got first class tickets in hopes the extra room will help us keep our baby happy and if that fails there will be drinks a plenty for mom & dad :)
Thursday - Monday we'll be meltin away in the Texas sun.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Boys will be boys

In the process of doing yard work yesterday.... Logan found the hole we dug for the hammock posts & wanted to play in down the hole he went. Judging by the picture it seems the hole was just about 2 feet deep.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Sunshine of my soul

It's not all that often that me & Logan get pictures taken of us but our friend Becca snapped these while we sat and watched our men play soccer over the weekend. I love how happy we both look :)

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Logans Wednesday Wisdom

If the fact that it's hump day doesn't excite you, try sucking your thumb.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Moments to cherish

Today both Logan & I needed an afternoon nap so I gave Logan Kevins side of the bed and crawled in my side & we napped - it was so nice to hear his little baby snores. When I opened my eyes Logan was there just starring at me, not making any noise just examining me with his curious look made me smile & as soon as I smiled he smiled.

I live to wake up to my love & my babys' smile.

Monday, 17 May 2010

ohh and those few hairs I talked about in the below post just blowin in the wind can be seen here:

It's slightly unfortunate that our sons first hair style is mullet'ish but no doubt it will fill out beautifully .

Go Team Mommy

I walked 1 mile and jogged 1/2 mile with the jogging stroller & Dylan!!!! I have been walking the loop almost everyday but this was the first time I've attempted jogging with Logan - and success! We techniquely don't have a jogging stroller but it has 3 rubber tires, is smooth sailin on the roads and Logan seems to enjoy the wind in his few hairs :)

Jogging 1/2 mile doesn't sound like much but when you factor in not having run in 7months, a heavy stroller, an out of shape rottweiler, a few hills and a 77 degree afternoon it's the equivalent of having run a half marathon.

bathing suit bod here I come....

Thursday, 13 May 2010

2 cool 4 school

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Acid Reflux 101

Constantly getting spit up on or at (sometimes its projectile), going through at least 3 bibs and 4 burp cloths a day and having mounds more laundry to do daily.

My shirt is soaked some days & some days I change after each time and other days I just let it soak in and not change until after we put him to bed. This is why nothin fancy will do & if I do decide to get a little spruced up one day I'm guaranteed to have spit up on me within minutes - it's murphys law. It's a high five occasion when one of us manages to actually catch the spit up on the way out in a burp cloth leaving furniture, clothing and floors unscathed. We've gotten use to it now but there are occasions where we are in absolute shock at just how much can come up & out of such a little body in a given day.

Olivia had acid reflux too & my sister tells me it only gets worse when they actually start eating colorful food. What goes in will come out.....


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

How do you get Logan to start talking? Put a mirror in front of him. This kiddo loves to look at himself ...and why wouldn't he, being so handsome and all ;)

(the black and white circle thing attached at the top is his mirror)

Monday, 10 May 2010

Gettin close

He has definitely found his hands & when his thumb pops out of his tight grip - he loooves it.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Mother's Day Contemplation

Logan, Dylan and I contemplated a lot about Mother's Day. At first we thought flowers and a funny Mother's Day card would be nice. Nah, the flowers would wilt and the card would be read and tossed. Maybe a nice dinner. Nah, Logan and Dylan couldn't share yet. Maybe lots of free back massages. Nah, Logan gets tired so quick and Dylan might scratch Mom's back. All this contemplation seems to pale in comparison to what Erin goes through during her daily routine. What could we do that would come closer to making her days as great as she makes ours? We decided on a combination of things. She gets frustrated that our clothes are still in tupperware and suitcases from the move. We got a full bedroom set. She wants a nice place to put her feet up and relax. We got new living room furniture. She loves to run. We got her some new shoes, socks and outfit. A crab quiche and mamosa breakfast was just some icing on the cake. Love you Mom, love you bunny. Happy Mother's Day : *

My Moma & Me

I looked down at my legs last night and my right thigh has two giant bruises from taking the corner to close getting into bed and my left leg is spattered with little bruises that I have no idea how they got there. Then my hands - my knuckle is healing from a bad burn when I grazed the oven burner and I have almost sliced my finger off with our new knives at least 3 times. After every single wound I thought - oh geeze I'm turning into my mother. But along with grabbing a few of her accident prone genes I luckily got her nurturing heart, fabulous legs and beautiful smile too.

Thank you Moma - I love you.

Happy Mothers Day!

Friday, 7 May 2010

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

People always told us once your baby seems to be getting on somewhat of a schedule & doing well it all changes. Yup. Only I had hoped our "doing well" period would have lasted longer than a week. I swear just the other week he was practically sleeping through the night, waking at 7 and taking an hour morning nap and a 1-2hr afternoon nap with a little power snooze later in the day. But now we're back to two night feedings, waking at 6 and not wanting to nap. Just this morning he refused to go down for his morning nap which has routinely been the easier of the two naps for him to take.

Oh and if we decide to leave the house - everything is a wash. Who knows what will happen.

Now onto the one step forward portion: The other day I weighed myself and then picked Logan up and hopped on the scale again & our little guy is weighing in at just about 13lbs. Sooo because we needed new diapers I went ahead and bought size 2...movin up in the world!

Wondering if Logan will grant my Mothers Day wish and sleep through the night, wake at 8 and take 2 two hour naps on Sunday....haha, theres that darn fantasy world again.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Johnny Jumpin

Our first go at the Johnny Jumper. Pretty sure he didn't love it. He doesn't have the whole jumping thing down just yet, but he looked pretty content just hanging there.


Logan was an early riser this morning but I suppose for a good reason. The second I walked in his room I knew he had poo'd, what I didn't know was to what extent. It was one of those that I had to pick him up from the armpits and carry him legs dangling to show Kevin who was still in bed. Just the smell alone was nauseating. He had such a massive poo that it required Kevin to get out of bed and change the crib mattress pad, the sheet & remove the nearby blanket. Over at the changing station I was being thankful that I didn't have any food in my belly or there would have been two messes to clean up. I threw out the onesie he was wearing along with the diaper that was completely covered inside and out with poo and the 7 wipes that were used. His socks, the swaddle blanket and the changing pad cover are going in the wash in hopes they come clean.

Thank goodness its trash day - the diaper was concealed in its own ziploc bag and taken straight to the curb.
with all that out of his system maybe he'll nap well today??

Monday, 3 May 2010

Logan has something to tell you

Love him

From his nose

to his toes

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Logans Room

The only room in the entire house that's complete. Aside from a few little things...need a plant for the orange pot and need a shelf installed in his closet. I think it came out delightful especially since we made do with sifting around the house and creating his room with all the old crap we had. The "theme" or colors more so were loosely based around the penguin picture I painted for Kevin last fathers day.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

3 months already!

Our little peanut is not so peanutty anymore. Yesterday I had him in a 6month shirt and he is out growing most of his jammers :o The biggest thing this month has been his napping...thank goodness - he's still not great at it but we're getting there. Bedtime is a breeze - we have a little routine going and he has definitely caught on. This month we've had several days where is has slept from 7pm till 3:30am and then from after the 3:30am feeding till sometime between 5 and 7am! He's a little morning bird though and has been getting up at 5 or 6am ready to seize the day. ugh. I can now survive on 5hours of sleep, 4 glasses of wine or not. Kevin tries to do at least one of the middle of the night feedings on the weekends to let me catch up on some z's but I find I still wake up and make sure everything went ok and to check to make sure the bottle I pumped was enough for our little growing weed.

When Logan is all grown I want to remember to tell him that as a baby he farted soooo much. Such a boy about it too...farts and smiles. Farts in the bath, farts when he wakes up, farts at in opportune moments in line at the store. Little Mr. Rooty Tooty