Monday, 8 May 2017

Tooth fairy time!

One of my babies is getting baby teeth and the other(s) are loosing their baby teeth.  She wanted this wiggler of a tooth to come out sooooo bad that she let Daddy do this: watch the video HERE

Don't worry we found the tooth!  haha - our first tooth to put under the pillow despite Logan having lost 5 or 4? Hard to keep track when there is no hard evidence ;)

She was so excited & I love that I can see her genuine excitement and happiness in this picture. We already have another wiggler...... 

Lucys 1st Birthday

I can't tell you how many times I went back and forth with whether or not we were going to do something for Lucy's first birthday but then ultimately I heard the little voices in my head telling me this was our LAST 1st Birthday EVER!

Enter feeling guilty.
Enter genius idea.

1st Birthday party at a winery.


 It was a perfect celebration of her first year of life combined with a congrats on surviving the first year of life with our 3rd child mix.  Thanks everyone that gave little Lucy some extra love, gifts, cards during her birthday month.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Family pictures

So I entered and won a giveaway for a Luxury Family Photoshoot.  It was probably all a marketing scheme because maybe they secretly knew how obsessed I am with pictures and that ultimately they would make money on me however they sliced the cake.  Whatevs.  Motivation to get family pictures done & the thought of dressing up for them and maybe even pretending we were getting married again BONUS.

These pictures were taken the evening after take your kid to work day.  Reagan and Kevin were both tired and dare I say a smidge cranky??  Lucy is ALWAYS cranky after 4pm and Logan never know with that kid.  We rushed to get ready.  We didn't eat dinner.  It was a teeny bit stressful to say the least.  But what I love?  Is they turned out even more perfect than I would have imagine.  

They were taken on Lucys actual 1st birthday April 27th, they are the pictures that show how tall Logan is getting & they are the pictures that Reagan still looks little to me - maybe her last few pictures of little...she lost her first tooth a week later. And they are the pictures that someone on the pier said "congratulations" to us because they thought we just got married.  Let me forever put these pictures into my memory bank.

Here are a few of my absolute favorites.  I'm sure you will eventually see all of them..

Take your kid to work day

She refused to wear anything other than something like what Daddy was wearing.  She wanted "to look handsome when I get on that train"  They left at normal time 5:30am and did a full day at work.  This is what they looked like just before they left & I totally should have taken a picture of them when they got home. haha - they BOTH looked like they had a loooong hard day at work, complete with blisters.

Needless to say I don't think Reagan is as anxious to grow up, be an adult and go to work, just yet ;)
Such wildly different little human beings we have created

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


I know we are a little late to enter the organized sports arena but here we are.  Reagans first season of soccer!  Leading the tiny group that calls themselves the Crazy8s is their coach, Kevin :)

It's been a learning experience for both of them but I think this is just the beginning.

Easter 2017

Lucky kiddos got 2 Easter celebrations this year.  One in Texas - egg hunt, family & ham

and then one when we got back - Easter baskets, family & the circus

& somehow we magically ended up with NO Easter candy in our cupboards!  

Love is all around

I blinked & it's May and my baby just turned one, my little girl just lost her first tooth and my first born is more than half the height of Kevin.  A lot has happened in the last month and it all happened in lightening speed.

It all started right where I left off on March 23rd.  That weekend me & Lucy tagged along on Kevin's work trip to CT.  Lucys first flight and my first time back since we left 4 years ago.  Its the state Kevin & I lived for 8 years, got married in, bought our first house in, & had two babies in :o   It was a great trip and we were able to see all our old friends & all their new babies & houses.  Kevin convinced me not to take my camera (why did I listen?) :/  So lemme see what I can dig up for pictures from that trip. 

Really?  That's it?  ooof.  disappointing.  Guess we'll have to go back.  I do love me a CT summer.....

The following weekend my brother & his family stopped at our house for 2 nights on their way to the beach ...cause we are close enough now they can do that :)

Again, why can I only find this picture?  I know I had loads more....they were on my phone, now where are they??  Bummer :/  An Ohio summer ain't too shabby either......just sayin

Next up was Springbreak in Texas. I had a very physical emotional reaction to being back.  For having only lived there for 3 years it felt more like home than anywhere else I have ever lived.  I'm sure it's because family is there & that our neighborhood was filled with families raising families and we had neighbors that we took trips with & a cul-de-sac with 10 kids all our kids ages. Or maybe it's because I felt like a 2nd mother to all the neighborhood babies....whatever it is, it felt like home, still. We had such a great time celebrating being back together with family and being able to spend time with friends.  Everything about it was perfect.  Count us in for Springbreak 2018!  My camera was the first thing on my "to pack" list :)  I took a silly amount of pictures so here are some of my favorites (& a link for the OTHER PICS)

I'm so beyond happy that we have friends - GOOD FRIENDS - at all our old spots in life & now we still live close to family & are reunited with some of the friends that knew us before we were us.  

Love is all around <3 3="" font="">