Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Back to school & the days before

I feel the need to set the stage a bit before jumping right into the first day of school.  

So there we were a couple weeks before school starts. Insurance hasn't kicked in yet & we need physicals and updated immunization records.  We have no house of our own, nor are we paying rent or utilities yet we need proof of residency (like 3 forms).  We need all of that in order to register for school.

So my weeks have been busy running around with 3 kiddos to the health department and waiting 1.5hrs to get immunizations up to date, urgent care to get physicals,  DMV for 3hrs on a Saturday....

Anywho.  Somehow we managed to get registered - AND managed to get all the right school supplies (I think?) despite being given 3 differing lists.

By the end of the last week of summer I felt (& looked) like a hot mess.  I was on the brink of some sort of somethin.  And that sort of somethin showed it's ugly face in line at Wegmans.  I had all the kiddos.  It was meant to be a quick trip.  But after an hour and half I leave in tears, Lucy screaming & my Logan ever so lovingly mimicking her screams.  The wonderful man behind me in line had just paid my bill.  It was quite possibly the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to me.  And with that - I was done with summer.  

Done with juggling 3 kids in and out of doctors, done with "quick" trips to the grocery store. Donzo.

So when the first day of school rolled around - we were all ready.  

First Day!
Rockledge Elementary 2016 - 2017
Ms. Emery (1st Grade Autism class)
Ms. Villagomez (Kindergarten)

Ahhh now to enjoy some little miss Lucy :)

Thursday, 18 August 2016

It's not really my jam to have the kiddos watch a lot of tv & consequently they have never been into watching a ton of shows and/or movies  

until this summer.

We are in unfamiliar space without our stuff, our bank account is attempting to recover from almost a years worth of no real income, Kevin is new enough at his job that he has no vacation time yet & we have a new baby.  

So we've done a lot of this.  & turns out Logan & Reagan are pretty good at being lumps.  

We are beyond anxious to get settled & reunited with our things. I feel like we are a living a real live House Hunters episode.  Last weekend we went & saw 17 houses in one day.  We pack dinners for the car on evenings we want to go check out a house that just went on the market.  We've seen a couple pretty awful houses and teased ourselves with a beauty that was well out of reach.  But all of that hasn't been for nothing.... just today we put an offer in on a short sale townhouse with a garage & 3 bedrooms. Never thought we would find ourselves even considering living in a townhouse but turns out your money doesn't get you too much of a house in northern Virginia.  And obviously it isn't ideal to bunk up Lucy & Reagan but can you imagine how cute their room is going to be??!  I can.  I've already mentally moved in all our furniture.  And now I've put it in writing.  So it's gotta work out - right??!  It's a short sale - so the process can be lengthy but if all goes well we may be looking at a close date in mid- October. 

Keep those fingers and toes crossed.
I have a new baby and this momma needs to nest ....

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Logan, Reagan & Lucy

She's only been here for 3 months but I can't imagine what life was like before she came along.