Saturday, 29 June 2013

Closing Celebration

So Kevin & I had planned on going out to a fancy dinner Friday night to celebrate the closing of our CT house but that didn't happen.  Closing got pushed last minute to Monday :/  Sooo to celebrate the anticipated closing on Monday we packed an overnight bag and headed to Isa & Uncle Timmy's for a sleepover party.

Complete with storytime &

late night water olympics :o
1st place Underwater Swimming: Tim Hertel
1st place Swim apparel: Andrea Hertel
1st place Underwater Handstand Walking: Kevin Hawk
Runner Up in all events: Me

Friday, 28 June 2013

Foto Friday

oh hello Texas


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I know I just changed our blog picture but that was mostly because the snowy CT picture didn't fit our new sunny Texas life.  It was a good picture but easily replaced by this gem I took today. I love it.  It's them in their world of bubbles & laughter & screams of delight.

Here are some of the other 94 pictures when we brought out the bubble machine again :)

Blonde hair, blue eyes and tan out ladies

I dare you to find kids that like bubbles as much as these two

Kevin says her hair looks awful in these pictures. And yes, it is getting long and mop like, but I'm not ready to cut it yet....just a bit longer

He is so happy & excited in all the other pictures I took, but the ones where Reagan is giving him a hug...he looks like this, lol.


Monday, 24 June 2013

Bubbly & Bright

Grandma brought out the bubble wand for the first time today & Logan rocked his new sun shades for the first time today :)

Friday, 21 June 2013

Foto Friday

A little late night love for Logan :)

taking the fam to go see our new house tomorrow morning & 
we are one week away from closing on our house in CT &
it's the first day of summer &
it's  FRIDAY :)


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Movie Date

Is it weird that me & the kiddos just got back from going to the movies and out to lunch with Andrea her kiddos, Andrea's friend Chris and her kiddos - YES?!! 

Perhaps a little glimpse into what life might be like from here on out.  

I like what I see :)

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fathers Day :)

This was our Fathers Day:

9am: R/C car driving
9:30: Crab Quiche
10:30: Furniture shopping
12:30: Snacks & Beer
3:00: Rec Center pool fun
5:00: Shrimp and more Beer
7:00 Ribs go on the grill, Children are asleep
7:30 Ribs & more Beer
9:00 Sittin close to me having a drink, enjoying

I think we hit all his favs :)
Here is the picture I choose to remember the day with....
This is the "Rec Center" & No Reagan is not drowning she is doing her new favorite thing...swimming under water.

Happy Fathers Day m'love :*

Saturday, 15 June 2013


People have told me Reagan looks just like me - I'm not sold 100% just yet.  But the other day when I put my headband on her head I saw me :)

Friday, 14 June 2013

Foto Friday

Logan's Special Ed teacher from CT sent him these bad boys today.  YeeHAW!


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Fun in Texas

We live in Texas now - still a little surreal to me - probably because everyday seems like a mini vacation :)  We've started to get into a little more of the "normal" life groove but in another month we're going to swish things around again when we move into OUR house. I suppose we might as well keep living the good life of the perma vacation. Plenty of time for normal life and daily routines, later.

For now we have fun doing things like this

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New Digs!!!!

The contract has been signed!
The closing date has been set for July 19th.

Welcome to our new home in Texas :)


Sunday, 9 June 2013

Another one

So the long shot on the fixer upper with the love garden turned out not to be our home.  BUT we went out house hunting again and have put another offer on a much better nest & this one has much more potential to be carried through to be the newest Hawks Nest.  We will keep you posted but in my head I've already laid our furniture out and made a list of "things we will need"  :o

This was us writing our contract last night:

I already have the address memorized.  I'm in deep.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Catchin up

Made an offer on a house today.  Fingers are crossed but it looks to be a long shot - a low offer on a fixer upper with a lake view and a heart shaped garden in the back.  Sounds like home to me but we'll see....

Enjoy to photo reel of pics I found on my camera :)

on my way to Texas - a self timer at an Asheville, NC overlook

 Made it!  Another self'y with the sis and the big Texas star

 First Texas family picture

Don't know who looks sillier - Mason or Uncle Kevin?

 Birthday girl and Mommy

She is now officially two

 Blue eyes anyone?

and then there are Mr. Mason-mans craZY beautiful eyes

Straw hat, no pants, and popcorn - perfection for Logan

There are no words for this little girl sometimes

Foto Friday

It's hot hot in Texas!!

Stayin' cool

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Too much

Been MIA because there is too much going on right now to even pop on the computer for a hot second and let the people know how our first week as a Texas family is going.  I know the dust will settle soon and I know I'll get into a groove again.  But for now there is too much life going on. 

Go figure today I have a little time to share some pictures and I go to plug my camera in and the battery is dead :/  boo.  

I resort to phone pictures.

This one cause I miss them, my friends from CT.  It's blurry and I'm bummed about that.  But in a way I kinda like it :)  Wish we could get together and swap life happenings right about now....cause I got a falfel lot goin' on ;)

This is was my car while I was driving to Texas.  Packed to the max.  I actually had to ship some stuff once I got to Alabama so I could fit Andrea in the passenger seat.  Yes, that is a bed rail. 

My stop in Northern Virginia.  So happy to have had a chance to see my very preggo Fatema although somehow she managed to escape our visit without one single picture?!!! sneaky sneaky.  And then there was this overnight stop with my BFF.  She will probably have a few words for me for posting this picture but I love it cause this is what we do.  We talked all day & night but still managed to squeeze in a trip to TJ Maxx to try on some ridiculous pants.

Next up, my drive from Northern Virginia to Ashville, NC.  To my delight Virginia Tech happened to be just about half-way.  And I had the perfect excuse to pick up this  over-priced, Hokie TuTu that will look absolutely fabulous on Reagan. 
Continued on to Jeannies house in Ashville - this is the photo from that visit.  Not of Jeannie but of her absolutely gorgeous surroundings.  I will miss this part of the East Coast.

Onwards to Alabama - my overnight stop was at Katie's house - I think she might actually go by Kate nowadays but last time I saw her was our high school graduation 13 years ago and back then she was Katie.  You would think it would be a little strange reuniting with someone from high school - but quite the opposite :)  Can't wait for her daughter Abby to meet Reagan & Logan one day.

Picked up Andrea en route to my next stopping point.  Bourbon Street, New Orleans.  We were about thisclose to calling it a night after dinner.  Thank goodness we didn't cause we would have missed out on all the fun we had with all the other crazys cruising the street.  One hurricane, couple beers and some dancing later...

We arrived in Texas on my baby girls birthday.  I didn't miss it afterall :)  Most all of her birthday pics are on the big camera but here is one cute one from her pool party.

Going house hunting tonight :o

Saturday, 1 June 2013


I made it.  6 days of driving done.  Documentation of my travels to come - but for now we have a birthday pool party to attend for my littlest who turned the big 2 yesterday :o