Friday, 29 July 2016

This summer


It's been one heck of a summer....scratch that & rewind - we are nearly at the marker of it being one heck of a year.  It will definitely be a year to remember forever. More life experiences have occurred this year than some "get" to experience in a lifetime.

So please excuse the maybe sometimes big breaks in the blog - attempting to adjust to our new normal - for the five hundredth time. 

But I will get back on track.  Taking pictures and telling experiences are my happy place.


This picture, my family.  We haven't lived near each other since high school & this was always the dream. We lived it for 3 years.  Three short years.  My family & all the friends we are leaving behind in Texas make it very difficult - we had it good.  Our village of people helped raise our kids - I felt very loved and connected to so many.  Love & miss you all. So much.

Getting ready to start our 21hr, 4 day 3 night trek  
Texas to Virginia

Our pitstops:  Jackson, Mississippi  -   Gatlinburgh, TN  -  Blacksburg, VA

The best little roadtripper EVER.  All the kiddos did great, considering.  But I think I was most surprised by her.  I finally got a baby that sleeps in the car!!!

We arrived at Grandma Jo's house safely, ready to be out of the car & ready for a good nights sleep!  Everything is bigger in Texas is no lie.  Grandma Jo's house is about half the size of our Texas house. Despite it being smaller, we are  fortunate to have enough space at her house so both Logan & Reagan have their own rooms and Kevin & I have a big enough room that we can put a pack n play up for little Lucy.  The backyard is what you see below - pretty much a kids dream.

The kiddos have adjusted well (maybe even better than us??!) Ahhh to be a kid again when if a house has love, food, a bed & toys then it must be home.

Perhaps that's the motto I should consider.  Afterall, what more is there to need??!  

Friday, 8 July 2016

Ears Pierced!

Soooo I want to get Lucy's ears pierced while she is a baby & it only seemed right that we let Reagan get hers pierced, if she wanted them, when she wanted them.  We mentioned it to her several times over the last 6 months & everytime we passed a Claires we asked if she wanted to get them done.  It wasn't until we were at a store just recently and she saw a set of super cute animal earrings that she decided she wanted to do it.  I waited a couple days to see if the feeling passed...but it didn't.  

So we went.  Just her & I on a random day without notice.  And there you have it - her ears are pierced.  I think she grew up a little more that day.

June 30, 2016 

5 years old

Saturday, 2 July 2016

This guy.  ugh.  I need to step back & remind myself just how much is going on right now in his/our life.  To name a few....packed up the house & all his toys, moved into Grandma & Grandpas, had a baby, Daddy moved out & we are packing once again for yet another move...

I feel overwhelmed.
So for a little boy that thrives off of routine and normalcy I suppose I should expect what I'm dealing with right now - but that doesn't make it easy.  And Reagan seems to be doing ok....

Don't compare.

Good news is - in exactly one week - Daddy will be back in Texas & then we will all be on the road to Virginia & hopefully back to a new normal....for now.

Sleep little Logan, sleep hard.  Mommy needs a good day from you.