Tuesday, 24 February 2015


We go to therapy weekly for back to back sessions of Speech therapy & Occupational therapy.  From day 1 of therapy I used to always sit in on the therapy sessions. Since moving to Texas we've bopped around a bit with therapist and I've left two places because they didn't allow me to sit in on the session.  With the place we go to now & have been going for almost a year - it was an option - sure you can sit in if you would like or you could go enjoy yourself for 2hours.  That's all I need.  I needed it to be my choice whether or not I sat in.  I know as he (and Reagan) get older we are more of a distraction for each other.  It took me almost 6 months to leave the building while he was in therapy. But now I do & it's nice.  Mostly we go to Isa's house but sometimes the Childrens Museum or the store - or there are days that I have a couple extra kids with me and I let them run races in the hallways.

Last week I knew I wouldn't have any extra kiddos with me so I asked if I could sit in on some of his occupational therapy session.  

We came in just as they were practicing taking off shoes & socks :)  He got super excited to see me but then re-focused and it almost seemed like he was trying super hard to show off.  My favorite part was when Reagan (unprompted) clapped and said "good job Logan" when he managed to get his sock off :)  

She knows so much without knowing a single thing - I love that.

I also love this picture - the excitement on Ms. Amy's face and the concentration on Logan's face

Milk & Cereal

This is a new thing for my kiddos - always avoided it because Logan wasn't good with a spoon.  He's still not great but he can do it and he loves it so much that he focuses so hard to chase those little cheerios around with his spoon.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Welcome to my world

So much about this picture makes my soul smile

4 delicious lunches, 4 colored plates, 4 matching huggie drinks :)

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

most favorites...

for this week at least ;)

They were upstairs for at least an hour before they came down like this:

I found some $2.99 roller blades at goodwill the other day - she is desperate to master them:

My favorite of favorites..."Mommy, I sit wif you.  I hot."


I do believe my birthday month started as soon as the clock struck midnight.  It started with a bottle of wine (like most good things start with), while the boys were at Monster Jam for Logan's Birthday.  

Those silly boys left Isa, Chavon & I at home with multiple bottles of wine to drink.  We talked about a lot of things but one topic was how wonderful it would be if I had a new car - specifically a minivan.  

Then the second bottle of wine was open....

Went to bed & woke up to February and a hangover.

Isa told Tim about our conversation. Tim sent a couple texts of minivans, Tim suggested going to the one & only dealership open on a Sunday.  I asked Kevin if he wanted to go. He said yes.  

We looked at one minivan, test drove one minivan and bought that minivan that very day.  If it were up to Kevin we would have gone back home and spent AT LEAST another month researching and test driving...but he said it was up to me.  SO we bought it....

I love my new minivan in a way that it feels like its the vehicle I was always meant to drive.  

My birthday month continued with lots of gifts - I do believe my grand total was a SONOS player, 2 DMB tickets, Floor Mats for my new ride, Money, new jammies, wine, a mini clothing shopping spree....

and the grand finale 2 birthday dinners: one with family at a Japanese Steakhouse & one with friends in the form of grilled burgers in the back yard 

Happy Birthday to me!
33 has started off pretty freggin good :)

Thank you everyone that gave me happy wishes & love.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Moma knows best

Me: Reagan if you continue to climb ontop of the cozy coupe you are probably going to fall and get hurt. It's unsafe and I think you should stop.

Reagan: 5mins later

Happy New Year - one month late

I think it's acceptable to post New Years a month late cause it takes about that long for me to start writing the correct year on any documents or checks.

New Years Eve was a blast.  We spent it at our neighbors house with a small crowd, good food & drink a photobooth and to top all that off this year we actually made it to midnight.  Were we climbing into bed at 12:02, maybe - but we made it.

And here's the ole' bucket list from last year - lets see how well we did...
Hawk Family 2014 Bucket List 
  1.  go camping:Two camping trips, both successul both fun :)

  2.  participate in a race: boo.  I've gained 10lbs :/  I haven't been running or working out consistently - hard to find the time and/or hard to want to get up at 4:45 to workout.
  3.  erin contribute financially: Done & Done. YAY.  I have 3 regular kiddos, one of which is full time.  2 occassional kiddos and a potential part timer in the hopper. 
  4.  potty train reagan: think this was completed within the first 2 weeks of last year.  Easy peasy.  Now we need to work on no pull ups at night.
  5.  teach logan how to pedal a bike: Nope :/  I work on it.  Not all the time but his desire to learn is not there which makes it difficult.
  6.  1 vacation within the state of Texas: Does every weekend in the summer count as a vacation within the state of Texas, I think so
  7.  1 vacation outside of Texas: Wow. That was a fun & much needed trip.  Loved it. Vegas, Roadtrip and a Wedding :)
  8.  print 2012 & 2013 family photo books: I'm a slacker.
  9.  do the 52 week money challenge: Well we started strong on this one.  But then I think we dipped into it for cash to buy some alcohol and then we broke the seal & the money was gone in a few days.  lol.
  10.  build a garden: A success & a failure all in one.  We will go into this next year with a little more knowledge & a better plan.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

He's 5

Mr. Logan Beckett turned 5 years old on January 31st.  I feel like there are so many things different & new with him that I'm a little overwhelmed at attempting to summarize the little boy that he is today.  I will try - it may come out a little messy or there might be some random bullet points.  It will be a bit hectic...

but so is Logan so thats fitting :)

This is his last year of PPCD (school for special needs children).  Next year he will be attending "school" full time.  I say "school" because we aren't 100% sure if he will be in a mainstream Kindergarten class, a Life Skills program or a little mixture of both.  Our dream and what we will fight for is for him to be in mainstream Kindergarten class with a one-on-one helper.  We will have that big meeting in April - wish us luck.  

Daddy shaved his hair off & I love it but it definitely made him look instantly 5 years old.  

We   He flippin broke his 2nd pair of miraflex (expensive) glasses in less than 6 months. Arg!  I hate glasses.  The first pair he took off while riding the bus and literally chewed on them until you couldn't see out of them.  The next pair happened while en route to Monster Jam on his birthday....same deal - he chewed them like a dog would chew on a bone.  It didn't help that they also got run over by a vehicle some how?!  We might need to consider going back to Walmart cheap-o glasses.  

He doesn't nap anymore :o  It's weird how that happened.  At the beginning of the school year I remember thinking I can't imagine Logan going without a nap.  Or maybe it was more I can't imagine myself not having at least an hour of a quiet house.  Turns out about the same time he dropped his nap he also started enjoying more tv shows.  So we still do quiet time - it just looks different.

He talks nonstop.  It's still not a typical talk.  It's still very scripted and predictable.  But it's words and it's communication.  

He moves nonstop.

He eats nonstop.

He is funny.  He loves to laugh.  And loves a good scare.

He throws fits.  Moreso recently.  Kevin thinks if he is 2/3 years behind then perhaps this is Logan going through the terrible twos & threes??  I think he is finally realizing and getting frustrated with his capabilities.  He gets so super frustrated when he can't do something.  Shouts "I can't do it" over and over again.  It makes me sad when I step back & think about it. 

98% of the time on any given day - regardless of whatother  kids I'm watching, no matter the other ages of the other kids -  he is the most difficult one of the bunch combined :/  I can't even tell you what that is like.

Then again sometimes he is the most calm cat around.  

He loves unconditionally.  If he likes you, then he loves you & you will know it 

But not one soul on earth will come close to being who Daddy is to him.  I can't even compete with Daddy.  Those two are the closest of close.  Daddy has a different kind of patience with him.  

As of January we put him on medicine.  An extremely low dose form of Ritalin.  EVERY single teacher/therapist has said that his focus is non existent.  In an effort to help that we are trying this avenue. The very first dose we noticed a difference. A very minimal difference & most likely  Kevin & I would probably be the only ones to notice - But it's a difference.  We have since increased the dosage, & yes, I do think it helps.  We will probably meet with another doctor in the near future to try another form of medicine that might help even more. 

A week before his 5th birthday HE FIGURED OUT HOW TO OPEN A DOOR ?!! Yikes.  The next morning I was at Walmart buying door knob locks.  

I will potty train him over spring break.  Even if it breaks me that boy will be potty trained.

Happy Birthday!!!