Tuesday, 27 September 2016

5 months

Is it crazy that she is almost halfway to a year already??!  Or is it crazier that days before she flipped onto the 27th and turned 5 months old she started sitting by herself and grabbing & reaching for toys? Holy cow! I can see her growing each and every day.  One day she couldn't sit up & the next she could.  How does that happen??  She literally grew over night.

She still doesn't have those two teeth that I thought for sure would be out by now & She still isn't sleeping through the night like I thought she might be by now.  lol.  All in due time.  To be honest I don't really care.  In my old age I don't need as much sleep as I use to - so a little midnight cuddle time with my baby is kinda something I don't hate ;)  The 5am feeding I could maybe do without but....

when you look this cute you can get away with quite a bit 

Friday, 23 September 2016

A special note & a few random pics

I wrote a note to both Logan & Reagan's teachers this week informing them that we would be moving soon and therefore switching schools - this is the response I got from Reagans teacher - definitely made us proud :)
Ms. Hawk,

     I so happy to hear that you all have found a home and are finally getting settled into Virginia, but I am so sad to hear that Reagan (and Logan) will be leaving us! Reagan has been such a joy to have in class, she is a model student who is always willing to help out a friend. I know that no matter what school she attends she will excel. Please keep us updated as to when she might be leaving so that we can make sure that she gets all of her things sent home! If I can help you in any way please do not hesitate to ask!

 - Ms. Villagomez

On a side note, Logan is such a wonderful little boy! He is so sweet and happy all of the time, I have gotten so used to seeing him as a part of my day. He drops off Reagan from the bus on his way to class and is always so happy and excited to see her when the day is over when they come to pick her up for dismissal. You have some absolutely wonderful children who are always happy to see each other, play together on the playground, and who truly love to be at school! I have greatly enjoyed being able to interact with them both and especially feel lucky to have been able to teach Reagan, even if only for a short time. 

Can anyone spot Lucy amongst the imaginary tea party Reagan set up?

This pic was taken awhile ago but I just found it & kinda love it 

How this kid hasn't broken bone or gotten stitches yet is beyond me.  He falls ALL the time

"Here Wucy you be the green trailer"

These two are going to be the best of friends

Exploring Gma Jo's backyard

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A year later....

I wrote this on September 29, 2015 

& just yesterday we found out that on September 30, 2016 at 11am we will close on our new house in Virginia.

Kinda ironic.

It took an entire year for the Hawk family shake up to shake out & spin us back on the east coast, with a new baby, a new job and a week away from entering a new house.  
 And in a year when I read back, I'll know we survived & came out ontop
I knew we would survive.  Never in a million years would I have been able to predict where it would take us.  But I knew we would make it out ontop.  It's still too fresh to look back on a laugh about. But for sure that will always be a memorable time in our lives.  

We had JUST found out we were pregnant.  I was watching a couple kids at the house during the day to make a little extra money when Kevin called to tell me he had been laid off.  Shortly thereafter I started watching more kids at the house to make more money.  Kevin did handy-man jobs for people in the neighborhood.  My pregnant belly started conveniently craving ramen.  Our friends and family stepped in, in ways that I hope to one day re-pay - a bag of groceries here, a cooked meal there, gift cards - I have a list of everyone that helped.  Karma people.  Believe in it. 

I remember Kevin saying to me early on in my pregnancy that he didn't think he was making our last pregnancy special & I looked at him and said "Are you kidding me? You are home all day everyday.  We have coffee & breakfast together every morning.  You are here to help make dinner every night.  You go to the grocery store for me.  You help me with all the extra kids I'm watching"  I remember thinking this is the dream in some ways.  He was there for Reagans last year at home before she started Kindergarten, he was there to get Logan on and off the bus, he was there for me - all day everyday.

I'm proud of us.
The Hawks are back ontop :)

Pics of the new digs to come when we get the keys in our hands next week!

Saturday, 17 September 2016

We sure did make some beautiful babies - On the inside & the outside. 

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Monday, 12 September 2016

Logan Beckett

The boy that can't be described with words.  

Logan is:
6 1/2 years old
Just shy of 45lbs
He is not potty trained, yet...
He doesn't wear his glasses (for now? ever again?)
He wakes up early!  
He is loud
He loves to be silly
He is extremely polite :)
He is a first grader??!!!

He is in an Autism classroom at his Elementary school.  There are 8 other kids in his class & just as he did in Texas he joins all the other 1st graders for specials, lunch & recess. Everyday that he has come home from school he says "I had a good first day Momma" Unfortunately when we do end up moving he will most likely need to transfer schools :/

He loves Reagan.  Probably because she can speak to him in a way that even Kevin & I can't. She has this phrase she says to him & if she says it, she can basically get him to do whatever she wants.. "itsokbuddy itsokbuddy itsokbuddy" over and over again in a high pitched voice.  

He is warming up to Lucy or "Wucy" as he says.  He will come with me in the morning to go get her up, he helps me burp her sometimes, he will go get her a toy if I ask him too.  Still haven't been able to sit her on his lap - but all in due time.  Lucy lights up when he comes anywhere near & she loves watching him play cars.

He still doesn't play with other kids (aside from Reagan) unless those said kids put a big effort into including him and thats not really up very many 6 year olds alleys. So when other kids are around he usually goes off and plays by himself or finds the closest adult. He loves adults - I think thats because they can understand him & he can understand them.

He plays with trucks & really anything with wheels, loves to pick up his bean bags and drop them or try to toss them in a bucket, he loves to pretend to cook in the play kitchen - mixing and stirring, he loves his plasma car & being outside.  It's all about movement. If he can make something move & watch something move - thats his favorite.

He imitates & echos sounds with crazy accuracy & he does it all the time. He does it when someone sneezes, coughs or burps, he does it when Lucy cries, he does it if he hears a dog bark or howl - if something make a loud sound you better believe Logan is going to echo it (it just about drives me nutso!)

One of my favorite things he does as of recent: Since we are in a new area I've been using my GPS a lot.  So now if he sees someone arrive somewhere or when we pull into the driveway he will say "you've now reached your destination"  hahaha. I love it.

& I love him.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Reagan Grace

My little bundle of personality.  Her & I just crossed a major milestone.  She left for school.  She has been by my side all day everyday for the last 5 years.  Logan went to preschool, (since it was offered as part of the early intervention program) at 3 years old.  But my Reagan - she has been my sidekick for 5 whole years.

It was time.  It was hard to see her go, but she was ready & so was I.

It's been an interesting transition.  It's her first time out in the wild & I can tell she is processing it like crazy.  All the different people/behaviors/personalities she encounters - that first week of school, she was so not the little Reagan I know & love.  Good news we are 2 weeks in and my little Reagan is coming back.

Everynight she asks what we are going to dream about- except that first week of school she didn't ask us, I guess she was too cool for that & it was at that moment I wanted to take her out of school and homeschool her - I would shelter her forever if I could. 

Only because...

Her heart is made of gold (& i want no one and to ever change that)  I know she has a heart of gold because I see her everyday with Logan & now everyday with Lucy.  Before school started we took her out on a date.  Just her, Daddy & Mommy.  We took her out for whatever dessert she wanted so we could talk to her about Logan.  Knowing that with the start of school she would be riding "his" bus and she might, for the first time, recognize that he isn't in a regular 1st grade classroom - then there might be her friends that might ask questions .... we felt the need to prepare her.  The talk went well.  And the end result was that Logan's brain was different than hers and most other kids brains ever since he was little and in Mommy's belly.  And because his brain was different it takes him longer to learn things that most people learn very easily.  It was a tough talk for us to do but she took it as if it was just another day to day conversation....and thats what makes her so great.

She seriously is a little momma with Lucy & I hope that never stops.  She can already get Lucy to laugh within 2mins when I have tried all day. She changes diapers. She can pick her up & rock her. She helps feed her at the table.  And after her first day of school (& Lucy was napping) she made me promise that Lucy would always be awake when she got home from school.  I couldn't promise but the very next day she was up to see her off the bus and I swear I almost cried when she went running to hug Lucy instead of me.

She loves doing arts and crafts (like her momma).  Recently she has been into making floor plans.  I don't know where she picked that up but she does it from memory and the drawing isn't perfect but it's pretty amazing to see.  Just the other day she upped the floor plan drawings by adding in a 3 dimensional element.  She asked me to tape a piece of paper "so it stands up" a square she cut out for the tv and a rectangle she cut out for a couch. Girl amazes me.

She has style.  I love to see how she dresses for the day. The outfits you wouldn't think would go together, turns out she can rock.  All the sudden I feel the desire to own a floral skirt to wear with a plaid shirt, purple socks and all white sneakers.  

I have said it before & I'll say it again.  I CANNOT wait to see what mountains this little girl will move.  

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Lucy Annabelle

Miss LoosLoos, LucyBell, Missy Missy LuLu, ButterPecan, Sugar - or really anything that sounds sweet cause this baby right here is 14.5lbs of pure sugar sweet.

At 4months old she has just tried her first solids, baby oats & she ate like a champ.  So now she gets to sit at the table with the rest of the family and eat dinner with us.  Otherwise I'm still nursing her & the girl likes to eat - have you seen her chubby little cheeks & her rolly thighs??!  As for her sleeping... She had a streak of really good, then a small streak of notsogood and now I feel like we are back on with the good & she wakes once between 3-5am.  She naps awesome. Most days she will take two solid 2hr naps and one cat nap. Bedtime has been about 7/7:30pm.  We use to have a good little bedtime routine down of a bath, lotion, jammies, nurse - but a couple weeks ago she started hating baths.  Like hating with a passion. 

She cries the most loud when she's hungry and she fusses when shes tired.  She likes to move.  She can be sleeping ever so soundly in the car and then a red light happens and BAM shes awake, green light - she's asleep.  She sleeps the best in her bed on her belly or in the moby wrap nice and close to mama :)

She has rolled over 4 times now - but no one has seen it happen.  I'll lay her in the middle of the floor to go to the bathroom and come back and she is on her belly.  She loves nothing more than to stand up - gotta put those strong legs to use!  I'm already so excited for when she can crawl and babble mostly to see her reactions to Logan and Reagan.  She lights up and follows them all over the room with her eyes right now.  It just might make me cry when she crawls like a speeddemon to them when they come home from school.  She laughs - although I have yet to catch a good one on video.

She's such a good, happy & pretty baby.
She's everything I have ever dreamed of for my last baby & I'm soaking it up.