Wednesday, 31 July 2013

3.5 years & 26 months

Another month flew by?!!

Logan is the big 3.5 years old this month :o Tomorrow he will be almost 4.  We are approaching the swirl of new doctors and all their appointments.  He has a Nuerology appointment scheduled for the end of this month, Speech & Occupational Therapy Evaluations lined up for the end of September as well as an eye appointment, we are waiting back to hear from the school district on what else will need to be done to get him enrolled in a special needs preschool & he is on the waiting list for an Autism Clinic Evaluation at Texas Childrens Hospital.  It's about to get crazy - crazy for us - and normal for him.  He's ready.  

Reagan is.....she is everything I would imagine a 2 year old little girl to be.  She is hot & cold.  She is fussy & happy.  She has taken up singing and I have a million small snippets of her "up on stage with her microphone" she puts everything into a song.  I will post one of her videos soon so that when she wins American Idol you can say you knew that girl when she was only 2 years old.  ALL of her teeth are in her mouth just not fully out of the skin yet.  She naps .... sometimes but she is happy to be in her room for 2hrs every day.  Her brilliance blows my mind most days.

For their day we went to another $1 movie - Rio & then went to the fountains downtown with family & friends.  Came home and napped and somehow stayed up until almost 9?!  Texas time sneaks by you in the evening.....

happy day my little loves.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Scenes from the Neighborhood

The house might not be ready for pics just yet but it hasn't stopped us from taking photos of us enjoying our neighborhood.  It's a gated community which is neither here nor there to us, we weren't seeking out that type of community but what we were seeking out was a neighborhood with side walks, a park within walking distance, a neighborhood pool and a few trees.  And it just so happened that, this house - our house - checked all those boxes and more. The entire neighborhood is just over a 2 mile radius and within that it has 2 pools/splash pads, 2 parks, sidewalks, trees, LOTS of young families, friendly neighbors & ice cream trucks

Beats anything I've ever known :)
And we're enjoying.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

We're ALIVE!

Been gone from the internet for far too long, but moving into a new house puts other things higher up on the priority list - that and we just got internet service to our house a couple hours ago :o

We are here - we are alive, and despite having LOTS more to do we are to the point that we are starting to enjoy life in our new house.  Moving in went smooth & quick thanks to all our help.  Below is the one and only picture I took from the day so if you want to see more my sister did a great job of capturing the day so click here MOVE DAY

As for other pictures....

I have taken quite a few, all with my phone.  I have yet to break out the big camera & I have yet to take pics of our new house with our stuff in it, cause it's not ready.  

But here are 2 pictures that I love.  

The ice cream truck came to visit at our new house.  Reagan picked a Bugs Bunny ice cream with gum ball eyes :)

Logan at the park that is around the corner wishing he had a basketball to shoot some hoops

Friday, 19 July 2013

Foto Friday

The day we bought our house!
July 19, 2013


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Things the Babies say: Reagan

Background: We just got back from a run and we are outside playing.  Reagan goes into the garage and has her I'm trying to poo face on.  All I do is make eye contact with her and this is what happens:

Reagan: Ohhhhh What was dhat?  
Reagan: Reggies poo's talking
Reagan: Toot toot

Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Good LIfe

As if last night wasn't fun enough - 

The 'rents rented a pontoon boat to float around on Lake Conroe today.   The 4 of us + our hangovers and the kiddos met Isa & Uncle Timmy and their kiddos for 4 hours of crusin, tubbin, swimmin, snackin & dare I say MORE drinking

My favorite pics of the day:

Oh good life I love you.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Last Weekend

This weekend marks the beginning of the end of our stay at my parents house.  T-minus 5 days. And although there is no gift or thank you card that could possibly thank them enough for welcoming our family into their brand new house - we attempted to express our gratitude in the form of an adults only evening out.  Isa babysat :) So the 4 of us could go out.

We stayed out well past the sunset, listened to live music and drank somewhere between 9 & wayyyy too many pitchers of beer.  

Between the warm weather, the live music and the beer haze our perma vacation continues.  Only now I think I realize that it's not a perma vacation, rather we are actually living the good life now :)


Friday, 12 July 2013

Foto Friday

Mommy & Daddy have been watching the new season of American Ninja Warrior.  If Reagan keeps up with her training in 2029 she just might be the first female to conquer Mount Midoriyama :o

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Status Update

Her sleeping is all over the place.  There was a week that she slept until 8 (which she has never done in her entire life).  Then there were those two days she was up before Logan.  She pretty consistently will fall asleep for her nap every other day.  And as of last week she has tested her boundaries by opening her door and coming down the stairs when she was suppose to be napping.  We're dealing with that at bedtime as well....

The other day she wanted to use the potty - after the 4th time in a row of going in and sitting her on the potty (by the way we are not in potty train mode) she poo'd.  She did that again today.  She has yet to pee but I figure I hear about parents having more difficulty with poo in the potty than pee...perhaps when we do begin potty training it will be a breeze.  

She has a skinned knee that gets broken open like everyday
Her 3rd 2 year molar is currently breaking the skin
She weighs 26lbs (37%) & is 34.5in tall (69%)


This will be the longest stretch of time he's been out of therapy/school since he was 14 months old and maybe we're experiencing the effects of that.  For the first time EVER in his life he is throwing fits.  Limp body, screaming fits.  Developmentally he is delayed so maybe we're approaching his terrible twos ? We go to the pediatrician tomorrow to hopefully get some referrals to out patient therapy so we can get this kid happy again.

He is loud, doesn't listen well is consTantly in motion and doesn't play like every other kid.  Being here at my parents house amplifies that.  Not because of anything they do or say but because I become hyper aware of Logan when I'm around others.  Perhaps thats why I put myself in a bubble when we were in CT.  A little self preservation.  Kevin and I had that talk again that we have every couple months when we feel the weight of 3.5 years of give, give, give with the very minimal return at the very slowest rate.  We'll see what the next set of doctors has to say & hope new doctors, a new house & new routines makes a positive difference.

He eats a LOT
Has gone diaper diving in the worst way twice this month
He weighs 34lbs & is 2ft 2in tall

That about sums up them.

As for us:

We have color swatches picked out for the rooms we plan to paint.  We've purchased a large outdoor umbrella for our patio, new/used fancy washer & dryer, Reagan has a new twin headboard, Logan has a new bed, we bought a playset from my sisters friend, and we are currently in the market for a patio set and a couch :)

T-minus a little more than a week, maybe less :o

Friday, 5 July 2013

Foto Friday

The whole crew went bowling :)

Thursday, 4 July 2013

The 4th

A jam packed day of fun & food & fireworks :)

Happy 4th of July!



You see this family:

This family is homeless as of 12:30 yesterday :)

186 has been officially sold.  Done & Done. 

2 more weeks until we're home again.

Monday, 1 July 2013

The kiddos are older and closing got pushed back

Despite this strange in-between nomansland time the children are still growing and getting older.  One more month come and gone.  
I can't believe it's July?

Our CT house closing which was suppose to happen Friday, then today at 2pm has been pushed back once again.  I'm pretty confident ? it will happen in the next couple days but I'm beyond anxious to be done with it and therefore will remain nervous until the papers are signed and the keys are theirs.