Friday, 30 October 2015

Foto Friday

There are times I miss our life in CT - but it's probably because it housed memories like these....

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

14 weeks

12 weeks

Not much has changed in the last two weeks.  I've had 2 nosebleeds.  Which I feel is odd but turns out its rather common in pregnancy.  Busted out the maternity clothes. We had two names picked out but then just recently revisited the drawing board.  It must be a boy ...cause I can't get on board with any girl names.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Fall in Texas

Despite still being in shorts, tanks and flip flops there is a certain crispness in the air and the sky looks like fall. Personally I think we picked the best fall day yet for going to the pumpkin patch....the morning before the remnants of Hurricane Patricia rolled in.

It was just us, the farm animals, the pumpkins and a couple rain showers.

Ohmygoodness - who is this big kid?! He has grown SO much this past year...

Little piece of pint sized perfection

Golly gee.....I love the little girl she is turning into

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

1st Annual Reunion: Austin

Oh how I would love for this little trip to become an annual thing.  I haven't seen one of them since my wedding, the other since right before I moved to Texas and it had been almost 2 years since I had seen Mary.

But when we all got together it felt as if not a day had gone by.

I think the very, very beginning of the trip was my most favorite part & by very beginning I mean before we even made it all the way out of the airport.  The middle of the trip being my 2nd favorite part & the end being my least favorite.  The weekend went way too fast.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

7th Anniversary

Our celebration for our 7th Anniversary happened a week early, during the week in our pop up at Galveston Island State Park- cause thats what worked for us & thats what sounded most fun.

Funny how life works.  3 weeks ago we had an income to be able to afford a vacation or celebration, just not the time.  Now we have all the time in the world but no income.  We actually spent a good part of one of our days talking and actually physically calculating out if we could afford to sell our house, ride out unemployment and live for a year in the pop-up while we cross the country.  I guarantee our children would learn more in a year living in the wilderness than they would ever learn in school.  We actually already came up with the title of the book we would write in that year...something like - 

Pregnant in a Pop-Up
Unemployed & Pregnant living in 70sq. feet with our almost family of 5

I dunno.  Sounds like a good read to me.  So good, I almost want to live it.  lol.  You think I'm joking. 

Until then...we spent 3 days getting eaten alive by mosquitos, getting a sun burn (in October?!) on the beach & spent 2 nights sweaty with ear plugs cause of a non-working a/c and stupid loud crickets - but it was perfect - we were lazy, read books, played cards, talked, ate, sat in silence, held hands, took long walks....Felt like it had been awhile since we spent that kind of time together :*

Thankfully & gratefully Grandma & Grandpa were able to come over to keep the kiddos safe, fed and loved while we were gone.  Also to be noted - we came back to a stuffed full fridge :)  Thank you ... you both went above and beyond the call of duty.

7 years strong.

12 weeks

For all those who were wondering if I dare do belly shots in my old age and my third ya go. I am.  I have 2 other baby books that have my belly well documented, it would bother me if that part was missing from this baby book.

My photographer (Kevin) lovingly took all the million pictures I asked him to take in different lighting, different clothes, different times of the day till I got one that I was ok with. 

My body is older & I didn't start out nearly in the shape I wanted to be :/  But such is life.  There is definitely a bump there....I do believe I was "sucking in" in this picture but you would never be able to tell.

First trimester over!  I feel good.  I find I go from not hungry at all to crazy starving in a matter of minutes & then it doesn't take much food to start feeling super full.  I might say I've been craving milk (milk & cereal), grapes & cesear salads.
3 months down.  6 more to go.

Friday, 9 October 2015

School Pictures

Lifetouch gets yet another thumbs up from the Hawk house.  Another year and another perfect school picture :)

Here are his last 3 school photos - the left being 2013 & the furthest right being this years picture if you couldn't figure it out ;)

Monday, 5 October 2015

Buescher State Park

The maiden voyage!!!!!

Although there is a list that grows longer just about everyday of things we eventually want to do with the camper - she was finally road ready.  Perhaps a separate entry another day on all the efforts we have put into it in order to get to this point.

Texas is riddled with State Parks. I picked Buescher State Park because it looked nice, was only 2.5hrs away & it just so happened to be in the direct path of a giant antique festival that I wanted to check out on the way.  

Here we are about to take off.  I love that Kevin is so excited it looks like he could jump out of the window :)

She pulled like a dream.  

Our stop at the giant antique festival didn't really happen because I didn't realize by giant antique festival they meant literally miles and miles and miles and when you thought there could be no more there were even more miles of tents & barns & fields of all the stuff I dream about....old windows, old doors, vintage toy trucks....  I should've taken a picture but even a video wouldn't have captured it.  Kevin & I agreed to go back in the Spring when they do it again.  But without kids & maybe an entire weekend to spend.  I'll be good and pregnant then so Kevin will have to buy me stuff then & maybe by then we'll have money to spend again ;)

Onward to arrival:

We ended up having A/C issues in the camper - but mother nature was on our side and provided us with gorgeous 80ish degree days and 50ish degree nights. Perfection.

Speaking of perfection

Our spot & set up

The only hotdog I'll eat this year....'least until next time we camp ;)

It's not camping without smores. 

 Logan made smores but did not eat them?!!! (more for moma!)

Interior accommodations: Our side....I may never sleep in a tent again.  

Kiddo side... we put up a divider, Logan on the left & Reagan on the right.  Worked like a charm.

This girl, those shorts, the 10mins she spent tucking in & that map...sign her up for girl scouts 

I wish I had taken this picture with my big camera instead of my phone. I love it

My husband is in the small minority on the planet that actually looks good in those orange life vests

Kiddos first time in a canoe!

Logan was being Logan and not sitting still.  I think I scared Reagan into thinking Logan was going to fall in....she held onto him pretty tight

"Daddy, stop the boat and everyone VERY slowly turn around and smile for Mommy"  lol

The giant dirt pile the kiddos literally rolled around in

Mid-afternoon naps :) I must have taken a bajillion pictures of him - kid can move faster than lightning and crash harder than thunder

Hanging out in the camper on a gorgeous afternoon - cause we can

Literally running free in the wilderness for 3 days & 2 nights

Already planning for the next getaway camper style...

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Smile, it's almost Friday!

My kids favorite store: Goodwill.  Momas always on the hunt & if we can't find anything, we always have a good time

Mud = Happy Place

One of those nights on our mini beach vacation awhile back that we thought a giant brownie & ice cream dessert washed down with a virgin strawberry daiquiri at 10pm would be a good idea.
A very rare, therefore it needs to be documented, Logan sleeping in the car moment

Twins born 16months apart.

Her outfits kill me some days.  Clad with a tuck and some clash

Gave all the baby dolls a spin in the washing machine.  Didn't know if everyone would make it out ok.  But here they all are "Big Giant" all the way down to "Tiny Tina" drying out in the sunshine looking happy.  (FYI: Reagan will not be naming the new

His personality is shining through more and more & he is a silly silly little boy

Oh how I wish I could sneak a peek into this little girls future and see what greatness she will do.  She is so much fun to watch & listen to, everyday