Monday, 9 January 2017

It's blurry, I'm not wearing an ounce of make-up & Logan isn't even looking at the camera - despite all that, I love it.  I love it cause I know I was sitting on the floor taking pictures of the girls cause they are hams and love having their pictures taken but then Logan came and sat in my lap and said "You take my picture, say cheese!" 


This is what we got.  I showed him and he said  "thats you, thats me, nailed it! All done"  

Such a boy.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Christmas 2016

 We are going to call this little one night unplanned getaway the start to the Christmas season.  The Hertels traveled all the way to VA to visit us & go to Massanutten ski resort. Their trip didn't quite go as planned in order to prevent a viral vacation that kinda happened anyway.  But such is life.  We got some pictures (none of the adults??!), had two fun nights together (one at Massanutten and one at our house) & the kiddos wore each other out. Sounds like a good start to Winter Break to me!

I fear in the upcoming years we will have too big of an age spread to get all matching jammies.  But I managed to do it this year 8years old down to 7months old. 
- Nailed it - 

These two were pretty inseparable :)  

I didn't get very many pictures of the boys because they were so movey but I did get these that are worth posting.
I feel like most of the pictures I have of Logan from the fall/winter so far he is wearing this outfit.  haha.  Clearly one of my favorites on him.

We will just call this picture of Mason my 2017 goal

 Getting ready to see Santa!

Santa!  One year they will hire an actual photographer instead of just someone that knows how to operate a camera.  This is the cell phone pic we got.  The $30 picture we got was no good.  Lucy did great and was mesmerized by Santa :)

And just as soon as the Hertels left the next guests arrived!  Kevin's sister & her kids flew in from Colorado.  Cheers!!!

Christmas Eve

Christmas morning

Christmas Afternoon

Christmas Night

And then after all that - this little girl turned 8 months old.  She's babbling a little more & the sounds Dada come out most frequently but I'd hardly say those were her first words ;)  She screams with happiness when Logan and Reagan run around & play.  She is still happily sitting and observing, still happily nursing, still happily waking once or twice a night nurse & she is still so gosh darn cute & happy.