Tuesday, 31 May 2011

16 months!

Logan just might be the luckiest little boy - who else can say they got a little sister on their 16 month birthday :)

Born exactly 16 months apart (left: Logan & right: Reagan)

It's big boy time!!!

Little Sis, Big Bro & the Family

Birthday Girl!!!

MAY 31, 2011
2:09 AM
8.0lbs, 20 in

Most of you know our crazy delivery story from Logan's birth in January 2010. How Erin went from 2cm dilated to having baby in 1.5 hours - in a wheelchair. You'd think we'd have learned from that and got to the hospital a little earlier. Well Reagan has blessed us with an equally fast delivery, so I still got to push the red button they tell you not to touch. We called the hospital at 12:54am and checked in 1:30am. A large number of women check into the hospital well before they are in "active labor", so the nurses are relaxed and moving at a slow pace to instill a calm. True to history, as soon as we got the the hospital the contractions rapidly intensified and unbeknownst to the nurses doing their routine checks in between Erin's contractions, baby was comin'. I got to hit the red button and within seconds 3 nurses arrived, but they wanted Erin to resist pushing until the doctor arrived. He showed up in street clothes and flip flops moments later, but like superman in a phone booth was back in a flash, full scrubs. At least this time we were in a room set up for delivery. Phew. A lovely little lady. More pics to follow!!!

Monday, 30 May 2011

In Labor!!!

Reagans little bedside nest won't be empty for too much longer.....

Started timing contractions about 4pm but have been feeling crummy since leaving the hospital this morning. Still at home but I foresee at late night trip into the ole' labor & delivery tonight!!!!

Never been so excited for immense pain :)

41 weeks

Had my appointment this morning at the hospital - baby is doing fine & I'm doing fine but the longer we wait out Miss Reagans arrival the greater the chances of complications arrising for me & baby-- soooo they gave me some old fashion help you to dilate further method & we'll go back in tomorrow at 7:15am where we, and I quote the doctor, "won't be leaving the hospital until the baby is born". I suppose we still have some small window of opportunity to have this baby before they officially induce me and I'm not feeling great right now .....

Sunday, 29 May 2011


Still pregnant.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

My little moment

I thought Reagan was coming yesterday because Logan gave me this little moment and my mom thankfully was witness to it cause I'm not sure anyone would believe that my little baby boy who was sitting next to me repositioned himself so he was laying his head on my lap & sucking his thumb. It lasted only a few minutes but it was one of my favorite moments with him and I thought to myself ok, if thats not a sign that Reagan is coming then I don't know what will be.

but she didn't come


OK this is getting a bit ridiculous. I am still pregnant - never in my wildest dreams did I think she would ever be this late. If she doesn't come today (no sign of her yet -11:15am) and doesn't come tomorrow then on Monday I go into Labor & Delivery for a non-stress test to make sure the baby is doing ok - then we decide if we induce on Tuesday.

You have everyones attention now - I think you can make your debut.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Foto Friday

Come on baby!

Thursday, 26 May 2011



Not being induced tomorrow going to wait on this little miss to decide on her own when she wants to join the party.

no post is good without a picture, lemme see what I can find:taken by the fire about 2 weeks ago :)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What we're up to

Swimin' in the sunshine:

And goin out to eat:

Going in for my appointment tomorrow but unless they say the baby or me are in some sort of danger we've decided to continue to wait for this little miss to make her arrival whenever she should please.


And yes I'm still pregnant & haven't even had the slightest hint that labor is pending. If this were my pregnancy with Logan I would be in labor right now and we would have a baby this evening. But instead I'm gearin up to go cut the grass trying to kill time.

I walked over 4miles yesterday & scrubbed our giant kitchen floor on my hands and knees and I've got one walk under my belt already this morning.

'Rents are definitely helping keep us busy which is nice. I might be going crazy right now if I didn't have these distractions.

Reallllllly don't want to have to make the decision about being induced on Friday - cause I'm leaning towards not doing it and waiting it out. But lord knows I AM NOT PREPARED FOR A JUNE BABY.

Off to rattle this lady out with some lawn mowing.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Due Date

May 23, 2011

Well this is the second time in my life that my due date is here and passing as we speak....annnnnd I can say the second time around is more disappointing :/

I had my 40week appt. this morning that I was for sure I wouldn't have to go to - but there I was standing on the scale watching the numbers continue to go up. Good news, I have begun to dilate a little. Bad news I don't have a baby in my arms yet. I went ahead and scheduled an induction date for this Friday.... I'm crossing my fingers we don't get there cause I realllllly don't want to be induced but with another baby you gotta plan a little more.

So at the very latest - Friday May 27th our little lady will be here. But we're rootin for a mid-week babe. According to this Birthday Trivia - Tuesday is the most popular day of the week for births.....maybe tomorrow will be our lucky day.

Speaking of babies, this little baby is looking more & more like a big bro. everyday :)
Think "go into labor" thoughts for us.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

First Date

in almost 16 months!

Gotta kill the "waiting for Reagan time" productively so we decided to check one of our things to do before the baby comes things off the list - go on a date :) So we did. 4.5hrs of baby free dinner & a movie.

Of course we thought of the baby and dumped a few quarters into the arcade machines at the theater and won Logan a basketball :)

3D Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Last day for this baby to get here early.
8:30am, no sign of her yet :/

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Foto Friday

Grandma & Grandpa brought Logan his first lazy boy recliner ;)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

ANOTHER shower :)

This little lady is getting spoiled and she's not even here yet. The 'rents pulled in today & we had a little impromptu baby shower since they brought an entire suitcase of goodies. Well that and the fact that a mysterious package came in the mail yesterday from the Hertels. So a mini family shower was had.

Andrea has always deemed me the crafty sister - I beg to differ. These creations are amazing. A hooded towel, bib, burb cloths, a blanket...I love them all. Thanks Aunt Andrea ;)

Reagan has a ton of new outfits and her first hair bows :o Logan even managed to snag a few gifts - thanks to Grandma & Grandpa. Gotta get more hangers now to hang all these beauties :)

Alrighty little miss......

Just Waitin

Here we are 4 days away from May 23rd. Waiting for Grandma & Grandpa to arrive today, waiting for Reagan to arrive. Just waiting.

I'm not super uncomfortable and I haven't gotten to the point where I'm a grump all day because I'm still pregnant but I'm getting close. It's hard for me to fall asleep at night because I wonder if tonight will be the night. I've been the crazy lady in the neighborhood walking in the pouring rain, we've eaten spicy food all week. We're ready. Based on the predictions that people left they have all expired except for Kevins guess of May 20th and my guess of May 22nd.

Hopin for sooner than later.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Quite a Spectacle

Yesterday was Logans follow up at the eye doctor. Good news is she said she noticed that the glasses were helping him to use his eyes together bad news is I obviously didn't fully comprehend at our last appointment just how poor his eyesight is. In addition to him being fairly near sighted in his right eye his astigmatism in that same eye is pretty significant and he is slightly far sighted in his left eye. It wasn't specifically said to us but from what Kevin & I gathered Logan will need his glasses for life.

Childrens eyes do a lot of growing and developing in the first 2 years so there is still a possibility that his eyes could grow out of all of this which is a hope we'll hold onto. In the meantime though....glasses it is.

I also asked the doc. yesterday if when Logan is testing our patience to the max with removing them constantly if it's ok to leave them off for 5mins or so while everyone cools down. She totally supported that - which is good cause thats kinda the attitude that Kevin & I have taken. It's not going to make or break his vision but it just might make or break our day.

In other news we're still waiting for little Reagans arrival & Logan was inducted into the exclusive Super Heros Union last night.

Monday, 16 May 2011


This is our forecast for this week:

But that won't stop us from walkin this baby girl out:

39 weeks!

Here we go people - the 7 day countdown. And we are officially ready.

Yesterday I was told by Kevin that we were going to go pottery painting (for whatever reason this is something I've been wanting to do for the longest time?!?) But as we were driving we passed a friends house and when I saw a couple of our friends - I got pissy for a hot second thinking we weren't invited - until Kevin slowed down and put the car into park. Only took me a couple seconds to figure out that not only were we invited but that I was the guest of honor. A little baby shower for Reagan :)

In the excitement of it all when we got home we finished packing the hospital bag and reflected that how in one week our life is going to change so much.

Full moon is on our side tomorrow & the 'rents are making their way here this Thursday.

39 weeks pregs. with Logan.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Foto Friday

Only 10 more days to enjoy perfect evenings like this until our definition of perfect changes once again.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Crackin up

Monday, 9 May 2011


Happy Mommy

In true Hawk style it was more like a Mothers Day weekend :)
I love my little family & our life together. And I'm excited for next years Mothers Day when I have 2 babies on my hip :)

I think one of my favorite moments was Saturday night - I was laying in bed with Logan while he had his night time milk and while Kevin was downstairs making me dinner. Logan stopped sucking down his cup of milk for a split second and turned to me (at that point, we were nose to nose) and he whispered ever so quietly and slowly "Bite" and then started drinking his milk again. I loved it. I like to think it was his way of saying I love you Mommy :)

Thank you to both m'loves for making my weekend special :*

Over the weekend...

We built Logan a little play area outside. Complete with swing & Sandbox :)





Friday, 6 May 2011

Foto Friday

Watching the Mothers Day edition of the Ellen Show that I wanted to be at :/ So far in the first 5 mins she has given away more baby gear than we own.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

One of those days

Letting the baby eat a snack from the dirty kitchen floor & play with plastic grocery bags just because today is one of those day.s

Kevin found out today that he won't be eligible to receive his 2 weeks or any amount of paternity leave for Reagan. Apparantly having 2 babies in less than two years doesn't fit into company policy.

Bitter & sad.

Gonna be hard to turn this day back around but least we have Cinco de Mayo tacos to enjoy tonight.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

15 month numbers

Weight: 23.13lbs 25%-50%
Height: 32 inches 50%-75%
Head: 18.3 inches 25%-50%

Two shots this time which were cured with a little extra love and some special juice Mommy brought along. Other than that we were in & out.

Glad to see the growing beans we've been feeding him are working ;)

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Birth to 3 Schedule

Rare a day when a candid photo is snapped of me & the baby (babies!). Thanks to Morgan a couple were taken of me & Logan on Saturday without me even knowing - best kind of pictures if you ask me :)

On to the business of the day...

This morning was our Birth to 3 scheduling appointment. It was determined the following Therapist will be helping Logan based on this schedule:

Developmental teacher 2 x month for 45mins
Physical Therapist 2 x month for 45 mins
Speech Therapist 1 x month for 45mins
Occupational Therapist evaluation to determine schedule

Visits will begin tentatively in 2 weeks and each visit will take place in our house in his environment at a time we choose (between 8am-3:30pm) but the therapists are willing & able to meet anywhere. Frequency of the visits may increase or decrease as deemed necessary and eventually we will have an occupational therapist added into the mix once it's figured out by the other therapists what his strengths and weakness's are.

That's about all that was determined today.

Tomorrow we have his 15 month well visit at the Pediatrician - stay tuned!

Monday, 2 May 2011

15 months

A glimpse at the little wild child that lives deep inside my baby. He's been visiting a little more frequently these days....best known for his raspberry blowing, constant removal of glasses, crusty pb&j hair do's, squirmy'ness and high pitch shrieking (seen below)
all & all still a bundle of hammy joy :)

37 weeks!

New this week:
  • We're full term!!!
  • Packin our hospital bags is on this weeks to do list
  • My blood platelets are back to normal
  • I'm officially very nervous about the impending labor

Sunday, 1 May 2011

6 hours in 60 seconds

One of our valued helpers - Dave Bass - set his camera up before they started assembling the shed & had it take pictures every 45 secs.

Put all the pictures together and you have 6hrs of how to build a shed in 1min. Makes it look easy peasy. Check it out :)


Shed Putter Upper

Our big summer project: A shed! Delivered in 2 giant boxes 2 weeks ago. With instructions that started with statements like "Rest assured if you put it together fast & easy it will fall apart fast an easy"

Sounds like a wonderful afternoon activity for 5 engineers.

350 screws & a few beers & burgers later....

We're fillin' her up today :)