Saturday, 28 November 2015

Thanksgiving & the days after

My big camera is semi not working great - so I haven't been using it as much which

  • bums me out big time
  • means the blog suffers a tid bit
  • these pictures are all from my phone, which is sub-par in comparison

I almost feel like I just want a whole new big camera instead of taking my current one in to be fixed. A new camera and a cute camera strap with a fancy camera bag......

Perhaps when we have a job again :/  Yes, that implies we are still umemployed :/

But onto cheerier things: Thanksgiving!!!  My mom prepared a feast for 10.5 ppl complete with a 19lb turkey and allllll the fixins :o  It was delish & I'm forever impressed by anyone who can prepare an entire Thanksgiving feast by themselves and have everything done and hot and on the table at the same time.  Nice work Moma!!

A few of my favorites to remember the day by

ohh Miss Reagan Grace. She refused to smile for the pictures & go figure Logan was extra smiley

 Quelf: Family board game fun.  Trust me this is probably one of the only pictures you want to see of the many that were taken ;) good times....

Hey! I figured out my phone can take a picture from both cameras at the same time :o  

I forgot my camera, Andrea didn't have a tripod but have no fear!! I can take the family dinner picture AND still be in it ;)

& the days that followed...
Typically we decorate for Christmas.  But this year we decided to camp.  Forecast wasn't great but we went with the knowledge we were only an hour away & could always come home if we were miserable.

All and all it was rainy & cold and pretty miserable.  So per my request we came home a day earlier than planned.  I do think we made the most of our little one night campout & there was glimpses of good times - which is what was photographed.

Our little plot.  Lake Livingston #55

Smore queen.  Daddy has taught her right...she has perfected the golden brown 'mellow

Oy.  Minutes before this picture we were walking towards the trail & I was near tears because of Logan.  He's a tough kid to figure out.  Almost impossible.  You would never know by the looks of this picture how awful his morning was.

We braved the trails despite the rain.  Mud puddles are more fun anyway

We'll come back again Lake Livingston ... maybe when the temps are warmer and the sun is out

Thursday, 12 November 2015

I took a couple pics of him today in this outfit cause the shirt is new (from Gma) & he looked oh so handsome. The happy one that I lovelove, I took with my phone & I posted on Facebook and Instagram.  This one tho, I took with my big camera & so I save for you - He looks grumpy, perplexed and almost pissed that I'm attempting to take pictures of him at 7am. But I love that I caught it :)  

So I present to you the almost more prized than a smile - dead pan, straight at the camera, 7am, grump face:

Monday, 9 November 2015

This next bunch of pictures is literally what my everyday looks like.  A ton of little people - playing & laughing - eating & exploring - napping & making little memories.

16 weeks

4 months.  One more month until we are halfway done :o  Finally got Medicaid - but still haven't figured out the ropes of that yet so I have yet to schedule an appointment.  I went and checked my blood pressure at Kroger and I'm good :) My belly is growing and I feel good.  Signs enough that all is well.  Still on board for not finding out girl or boy.  Collecting some used baby gear when I find a good deal.  Have a vision of the nursery.  Names are narrowed down :o

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Let's see - this year 

Reagan was Sheriff Callie (a cat cowgirl from a show she loves).  She picked the idea out a LONG time ago and I was a bit shocked that she stuck with it for that long.  She got in full costume a mere 3hrs ahead of departing the house.....

Logan was a fisherman it was a Mommy & Daddy influenced costume but the alternative was to make Logan into a truck which didn't really seem like a practical costume for him.

Kevin was also fisherman and you'll be shocked (or not?) to know he already owned his entire costume. 

I was the oddball out this year with all my darkness.  It was a last minute decision & in my head I thought it looked better than what the pictures show.  lol.  oh well.  I was a spider lady.

Grandma & Grandpa also joined in on the fun and they wore the same costumes as they did last year ;)

Kiddos scored lots of loot.  Took us a little over an hour to do a loop that we normally walk in 15mins.  Logan would have been content going to 5 houses and then coming back home.  Reagan hauled butt from house to house...didn't even want to stop for a mid trick-or-treating candy.   Once we re-joined Grandma & Grandpa at home the sugar rushed through their blood and we played in the driveway & handed out candy to all the rest until well past bedtime.

Until next year....