Saturday, 31 May 2014

Reagan Grace is 3 today!

Big day today for the little girl. We've had a wonderfully fun week which I'll tell you about once the week is over :o  Yes, that would indicate that the fun is still going......

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Friday, 30 May 2014

Foto Friday

Her hair is still super fine & apparently I need to work on my braiding skills but I still think it looks really cute on her head :)

Last day of being two....

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Heard today at the mall

"Mommy can we go ride the laddervator again?" 

"Sure Reagan, let's go ride the escalator again"

Add it to the list of favorite words - laddervator (combination of ladder and elevator).  

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Scenes after a rain storm

Memorial Day Zoo Trip

Last time we went to the zoo the babies - were just that, babies.  We were excited enough about it that it HAD to be an event that Kevin could attend and I wanted ( for busy reasons) it to be a week day.  Memorial Day seemed to be a perfect match.

So we went.

Fun enough to purchase a family pass for the next year!

Monday, 26 May 2014

EEG and all that jazz

Saturday I took Logan in for his 24hr EEG.  We finally did it. We had been putting it off for so long because of the cost.  But more confirmation that things happen when and as they should... cause Kevin's work shake up changed his insurance and our new insurance quoted us $0 out of pocket for Logans EEG :o    SCORE!!!

We checked in at 8:30 & at 9am they started hooking him up.  At 9:50 they finished.  He screamed the ENTIRE time :/  This is what he looked like all hooked up:

And to prevent him from pulling the wires out they wrapped him up.  He was connected to a machine that had a 20 foot cord.  And then there we were - in a small hospital room attached to a 20 foot cord for 24hrs.  


If Logan could tell you he might say he LOVED his stay "at the doctors" - Mommy giving him 100% undivided attention, playing choo choos and speedbumps ALL day long & room service - room service was probably his favorite.  He laughed so hard everytime I picked up the phone to order food...I think he thought I was playing pretend kitchen with him.  And then BAM someone showed up at the door with everything Mommy had just ordered - WHOA, mind blown. 

Time ticks verrrry slowly in a tiny space with a more than average active 4 year old.  Two words: caged animal.  add to that Logan does not sleep well ANYWHERE but his bed & then factor in the wires attached to him.  We hardly slept.  Restless until 11pm, up at 4:15am.  Not even exaggerating. 

We managed to get discharged 30mins early (whoopwhoop. lol. little bit of sarcasm).
At our next Neurologist appt, later this summer we should have the results of the EEG as well as the results of the full gene analysis that we had done in January.  

Friday, 23 May 2014

Foto Friday

May 23, 2011 - Three years ago today was her due date.  One entire week later she was born.  That's right folks we've entered the birthday girls week-o-fun :)


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Lots of pictures - Little bit of words

Reagan & I went to the park one morning and won first place in the sand castle competition ;)

"Mommy I'm exercising like you"

Walking to Logan's field day at school - looking spring'ish & wonderful :)

Field Day games!!!!

I swear they had fun

Logan's class at snack time.  The class started with 2 kids (Logan & one other) and now Logan is one of 11 :o

My other favorite DMB concert picture - A ladies room run in :)

Outback watertable naked'ness = Logan & Reagan's happy place :)  LOL  - despite what it may look like -Kevin is not naked ;)

"Reagan can you go upstairs & get some panties".... almost made it all the way up.  That darn Mickey is sooo good.

We get one real  nap a week out of her now ...sometimes ;)

Logan started new therapy cause our insurance changed :/ I'm not allowed in the room with Logan at this new place but the good news is Reagan & I can wander for an hour.  So far the only place we've gone is a New/Used Bookstore - it's small enough that I sit in a chair and send Reagan out to find a book she wants Mommy to read to her.  This is the first book she brought to me last Tuesday.....uhhhhh

Special treat: pick your own ice cream out of the bin at the gas station......WHOA! $4 bucks and 2 belly aches later...

My kiddos have been sleeping on the floor A LOT recently

Just yesterday I thought we should sell her bike since she never wants to ride it.  Go figure today she hopped on & rode it like a pro.  Next up: removal of the training wheels

Blowing bubbles in the giant puddle outback.  Yes it's gross but it could be worse - you try to stop something that makes them laugh like that.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Foto Friday

Thank you Grandma & Grandpa for having our kiddos over for a sleepover party so we could spend the night out & wake up a little later than 6:30

Thank you Andrea & Tim for having us over to your house for a sleepover party - we had a blast


Thursday, 15 May 2014

One of these days I'm going to feel a little more inspiration to write more of whats been going on in these kiddos lives....hopefully before the little lady turns 3 

IN 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!

here are a couple of my favorites from the week so far

Monday, 12 May 2014

Mothers Day Weekend

I might just have the best family :)
An entire weekend of goodness in celebration of me being a mom & doing what I love to do.

I ate like a queen all weekend, but didn't cook
The house stayed neat & tidy, but I didn't clean
The kiddos were happy & so was I

Thank you m'love for everything you did for me this weekend to make it super special - I didn't even notice until this morning that you even cleaned out the tupperware cabinet :*

Saturday - A day of delicious food & drink

Crab Quiche & Mimosas

A trip to the mall to let the kiddos play & let Mommy pick out a couple new things :)

Steak & Fennel Sandwiches & more mimosas

Trip to the pool

Scallops and Spaghetti Carbonara & wine

Night out with a girlfriend & fellow mom :)
And if Saturday sounded like a good day to you.... 

Sunday: Boat Ride, Cookout & Early to Bed

Kiddos were in bed & asleep at 6:15, and Kevin & I were in bed at 8 - our weekend was THAT good.

Happy Momas Day!!!!